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Earn Extra Cash By Selling Items Around Your Home!

Earn Extra Cash By Selling Items Around Your Home!


Join us for Day #13 of the 20 Day Budget Challenge!

Today let’s talk about all of the cash that is collecting dust in your house.

I already mentioned selling items around your house as a great way to get a jump start on building your emergency fund.  But I wanted to give you another resource that gives you more details on how to do this.

Head over and read Earn Extra Cash By Selling Items Around Your Home.  Winter is a great time to organize items, and list them online to sell.  If it seems too overwhelming to do all in one day- then pick out 10 items, and list 2 a week for the next 5 weeks.  See how much money you make next month and put it toward debt, or even have an extra date night out.  🙂

Come and join our Budget Challenge Facebook Group!  I’d love to hear how much you are making by selling your stuff!

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