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Cereal Box Cover: Why The Cartoons Are Staring At Your Children!!!!

Cereal Box Cover: Why The Cartoons Are Staring At Your Children!!!!

Trix Cereal

Cereal Box Cover: Why The Cartoons Are Staring At Your Children!!!!

Did anyone read the September 2014 Issue of All You Magazine and see the article on grocery store marketing strategies to “encourage” us to buy more in the store. **One of the facts was that they have tiled floors that are more bumpy in the bakery & produce section.  That is so you don’t drive your cart as fast on that flooring, which means you’ll spend more time looking at the items to purchase! **Another fact is that they put brand-name products on the middle shelves, at eye level.  Brand name items cost more – therefore we spend more in their store. **The trivia that shocked me the most though, was that cartoons on cereal boxes generally are looking down.  They are drawn that way on purpose.  The cartoons are trying to make eye contact with our kids.  If they make eye contact, then the kids will more likely want to buy that cereal!  I totally didn’t believe this and had walk down the cereal aisle and see for myself. Here are some of the pictures I recently took:   cocoa puffs  

Cocoa Puffs Bird – staring at short people – a.k.a. your kids!!!

cinnamon toast crunch  

That cute little square crunch is looking down!

wegmans organic cereal  

It’s not just the “junk” cereals trying to get your kiddos attention – even this organic monkey is trying to get your kiddos attention.  The “organic” is to get mom or dad’s attention probably!

capn crunch

“Buy me – buy me!”  Aye aye Cap’n!!

franken berry

Even Franken Berry Fruit snacks are looking down at an angle!


cereal eyes 1


Count Chocula is totally looking southwest!


cereal eyes 2


Yes Fruit Loops, your biggest fans are “down here”!!


cereal eyes 3


Now Boo Berry is looking more at me rather than my kids.  But he’s creepy – I’m not motivated to put that box in my cart.


I was totally mind blown when I saw this.  Who else knew that cereal companies did this???  I wonder what the specific research is on the percentage of sale increases with the direction the eyes are drawn.  Crazy things marketing companies do to get us to buy and try their products!!!


Tell me some other interesting marketing strategies you know about in the comments!  This is a very interesting topic to me!!  🙂


cereal box eyes collage