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Coffee Filter Crafts |  Coffee Filter Peonies Tutorial

Coffee Filter Crafts | Coffee Filter Peonies Tutorial


Here is an easy way to spruce up a room by making coffee filter peonies!

It costs less than $5 to make!

Supplies needed:

Vase (can purcahse at Dollar Tree for $1)

Paint – I used a free sample that I had on hand

Coffee Filters (10 per peony you want to make)

Pipe Cleaners

Floral tape or masking tape   coffee filter peonies supplies       coffee filter peony pipecleaner   To start:  Count out a stack of 10 coffee filters. Poke 2 holes into the stack of 10 coffee filters.  I then took the pipe cleaner and threaded it through both holes and twisted it together it on the bottom to make the “stem”.  This also holds all of the “petals” together. coffee filter peonies crumple   Here is the fun part – crumpling the filters so that they look like peony petals!  Just pull down one filter at a time and crumple it up – no fancy technique needed!  Just do that with each filter until you are done and it looks like a flower.     wrapped coffee filter peonies     I made 6 of these and took all of the pipe cleaners and twisted them together.  I then wrapped that twist with some floral tape to really hold the bouquet nicely together.  If you dont have floral tape, I’m sure masking tape would work just as well. I like the clean look of the white.  But you can easily dye these with some food coloring and water.  The bouquet of 6 total fits perfectly in the vase. I also painted the inside of the vase to give this a pop of color.  I had the paint on hand and just painted and swirled it around the inside so the vase had that nice green color.

 This makes a wonderful and frugal table centerpiece!!!

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coffee filter peonies

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