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25+ DIY Wreath Ideas | Wreath Ideas for All Seasons!

25+ DIY Wreath Ideas | Wreath Ideas for All Seasons!

Here are 25+ DIY wreath ideas - you will find inspiration for every season! happydealhappyday.com

Here are 25 wreath ideas you can DIY for your home all year long! You’ll love these basic materials to beautiful your home in the fall, winter, spring, and summer!


How to Make a Burlap Wreath

How to make a Burlap Wreath all on your own. Here is some step by step directions to help you save money and make your own wreath using burlap. I have seen these wreaths on Etsy and they sell anywhere from $75 to $150 dollars.

So I headed to Michael’s with coupons in tow and bought my supplies for around $30. Some of the supplies such as the flowers and floral wire I will be able to use on other wreaths.

DIY Winter Wonderland Wreaths

Who has struck gold with the Christmas clearance sales going on the last couple of weeks? I have!!! I went to Joann Fabrics last week and SCORED some awesome wreath making materials for 75% off!!

I made the Winter Wonderland wreath for just $7.45 total – when it would have cost me $28.95 if I bought these items BEFORE Christmas at full price.

Minnie Mouse Christmas Wreath 

Calling all Disney Fans! Learn how to make the easy Minnie Mouse Christmas Wreath. It’s a simple DIY craft for the Disney lover in all of us!

Acorn Cap Wreath

Last week I shared with you how I am using nature to decorate this Fall. We have so many acorns in the yard that I decided to make an acorn cap wreath! I just LOVE how it turned out!

DIY Burlap Wreath 

I’m always looking for fun and simple crafts to decorate my home. Having a love for all things burlap, I decided that I wanted to make a burlap wreath for my front door.

This wreath took no longer than 20 minutes and I love how it turned out! Not only does it look great, but the whole project ended up costing less than $10.

I was able to purchase my wire wreath at Michael’s for $3.49 and found a roll of burlap for $3.50. The monogram letter I used was only $1. Have fun creating this burlap wreath!

How To Make an Autumn Grapevine Wreath 

I remember late in the Spring when my husband was complaining about some grapevines taking over some of our trees in the woods. I told him to pull them out and I would totally use them to make a grapevine wreath! He didn’t think I was serious until he put a pile of them on our deck – and then I made this wreath.

wreath final text

Coffee Filter Wreath 

If you are looking for something creative to do with coffee filters, you should try making one of these coffee filter wreaths! It was very easy!! A bit time consuming, but very easy.

Burlap Lace Wreath 

I like to keep my crafts simple an inexpensive – this Burlap and Lace wreath fits the bill on both. I love the combination of rough burlap and more delicate lace- it feels so romantic. The felt diy felt flowers are easy and add another layer of texture to the wreath.

Paper Wreath Tutorial

We’ve all seen those beautiful Paper Wreath tutorials on Pinterest. I have loved them for months but haven’t set aside the time to make one or been able to decide what look I wanted…book pages, bright summer colors, or sheet music.

Recently our friends at Staples asked us to go shopping for a few Staples products that we could use to create a great holiday decor hack or DIY project.

I knew right away that this was the perfect opportunity for me to try my hand at a holiday version of the paper wreath!

Easy Valentine’s Day Wreath 

I have had this heart shaped form for years, just waiting for the creative juices to flow. Plus, several years ago I had purchased some red garland at the Dollar Tree. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I decided to put the two together.

DIY Yarn Wreath with Twine Flowers 

I had so much fun recently making twine flowers that I decided to make some to add to a new yarn wreath for my dining room.

I didn’t just use twine flowers on this – I had a variety of flowers to decorate it with, including a fake hydrangea, some paper flowers, and a burlap flower.

Take what you have with some yarn you have, and see what decorative wreath you can create!  These really are simple to make – even if you feel like you aren’t the crafty type!

DIY Diaper Wreath to Welcome Home Baby 

When my 21 year old niece was born, someone gave my sister a DIY Diaper Wreath. It is such a cute and practical gift. And I have been creating these wreaths to welcome baby(s) home ever since. You will not believe how easy they are to make!


Valentine’s Day Ruffled Ribbon Wreath 

Let’s talk quick and easy crafts.  You know…the ones you do when you realize it is already February and the wreath on your front door is still the same one from Christmas.

Yeah, that kind of “oh no, gotta get a new wreath out stat” kind of craft. That’s what this Valentine’s Day Ruffled Ribbon Wreath is all about.

Valentine Yarn and Burlap Wreath 

This DIY Valentine’s Day wreath is easy to make – and it sure is a happy piece for my home during what could be the dreariest season of the year.

Argyle Valentine’s Day Wreath 

I saw a picture of this wreath on Pinterest (do you follow me? Please do, and I would love to follow you, too!) and I knew I had to have it. Or rather, I knew I had to make it. I love the simplicity and I have this newfound obsession with wreaths, so this just fits perfectly into my world. Plus, it has pink.

Coffee Filter Spring/Summer Wreath 

Coffee Filter Crafts are so fun to make and kids just absolutely LOVE to help so this Summer Wreath is a great project to get kids creative! This project only requires a few items and is very simple to make. I’ll warn you, there is a little mess making involved in the dye process of the filters but that is half the fun!

Spring Wreath with Forsythia and Burlap 

With this unusual warm winter we are having in NY, I keep wondering if my Forsythia will be confused and want to bloom early! I’d love to see that yellow color, so I have some artificial forsythia that I used in my spring wreath to brighten up my kitchen while we wait for spring to officially arrive.

This spring wreath is really is easy to make – and it should bring a little cheer to these gloomy days of winter!!

Pool Noodle Wreath Form 

If you have ever bought a wreath form at a craft supply store you know they can cost anywhere from $5-$10. But a pool noodle is just $1-2 and can easily be made into a DIY wreath form.

All you need is- duct tape! I actually cut down my noodle a little so my ring was not as wide. But literally all I did was tape the two ends together.

4th of July Patriotic Flag Wreath 

I adore patriotic decorations! There is just something about the stars and stripes that makes me so happy.

I truly am so proud to be an American. I went walking down the craft aisle at my local Walmart looking for supplies for a totally unrelated project and saw these gorgeous deep red and blue burlap rolls and was inspired right then and there that I needed a 4th of July Flag wreath!

I’m so glad, too, because I absolutely love the way it turned out!

Patriotic Wreath

I made this easy DIY Patriotic Wreath that can be put up now in honor of Memorial day, and be kept up through July 4th! So here is my version of a down home, country, American, DIY patriotic wreath!


Fabric Scrap Fall Wreath 

I love wreaths and am maybe even a little addicted to making one for every holiday and season. This is a really simple Fall Wreath made from fabric scraps and a few other inexpensive items. It’s a great wreath for anywhere in the home and will look beautiful through Thanksgiving.

Beautiful Frame Fall Wreath 

Nothing is more welcoming than a beautiful fall wreath. Most people think of hanging them on your front door and I will never disagree…I love them there too but how cool is this fall wreath hanging on this rustic gate we tore out of an old barn?

Fall Wreath 

Can you believe I don’t think I’ve ever made a wreath before? Well I decided it was about time I did. I love all the wreaths that I’ve seen on other blogs and all over Pinterest.

Have you seen the coffee filter wreaths? or what about the burlap wreaths? Well I didn’t have either of those on hand but I did have brown Kraft paper and brown paper sacks leftover from the Craft Party so that’s what I used.

Toilet Paper Roll Wreath 

I know we all can easily collect toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls – especially when I order large amounts of TP and paper towels on Amazon like deals from here and here!

Fall Felt Leaf Wreath 

September is always a funny month here. One day {yesterday} it still feels like summer with temperatures above 90 degrees. Then, the next {today} the temperature will top out in the 70s.

It is really hard to feel like decorating for one season or another because you are constantly being thrown between two seasons. I didn’t let the hot weather stop me though from starting on my fall decorating.

I used the heat as a reason to stay inside and test out my new hot glue gun instead creating my fall felt leaf wreath.


DIY Ornament Wreath – no hot glue gun required! 

Ok, so I’ve seen these ornament wreath projects on Pinterest. I click through to see the “how to” and see the dreaded hot glue gun.

You see, I kind of have a love-hate relationship with them. It seems I always end up getting burned ( 😉 pun intended). So I ask myself, how can I make this without a glue gun?

And here’s what I came up with – all you need is ornaments and a hanger!

DIY Fall Burlap Wreath 

I am pretty much obsessed with burlap…in any size, color or pattern. Nothing says “welcome to my comfortable, cozy home” like a burlap wreath. If you are looking for the perfect fall decoration for your home, you have found it!

Christmas Yarn Wreath 

Christmas season is in full swing!  I couldn’t help but add a new Christmas wreath to my DIY wreath collection!

Easy Rag Wreath Christmas Ornaments 

These easy rag wreath ornaments are as simple as typing a knot! They’re a perfect rustic holiday decoration to make for your tree or to give as gifts.

How To Make An Ornament Wreath

A wreath is a simple and fun way to decorate for the holidays. Our Diva of DIY, Leanne Lee, demonstrates how to make a Ornament Wreath. Did you know a Ornament Wreath is this year’s hottest trend?

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