How To Save Money On Kids Books

How To Save Money On Kids Books

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One thing I do not like paying full price for is kids books.  When my daughters bring home book order forms from school all the time, I just toss them in the recycling bin without even looking at them.  I’m not about to spend $8-$10 on a book that may only get read once!

Now you probably clicked here hoping that I wasn’t going to just give you the “just go to the library!” answer when it comes to saving money on kids books.  And I won’t.  (Even though I’m not a fan of cluttering up a kid’s bedroom with books you read just once and we love using the library!.)  But when you have found a book that has become a family favorite that won’t get read just one time, you want your own copy for your kid’s bookshelf!

So you may consider visiting the thrift store and buy used books instead. While this may not be a bad idea, it’s not ideal. What if you want new books that aren’t smelly or stained by previous kids’ usage?

I recently discovered an online bookstore called that has crazy cheap prices on some kids books! CLICK HERE to browse!

In fact, I ordered 10 kids books and my total was just $14.90!!  Shipping was a flat rate of $5, unless you spend $35 and then shipping is free.

How To Save Money On Kids Books

I ordered all of my books specifically from the clearance section.  If you want to just search there, then GO HERE and click “View Titles.”  Then narrow your search on the right by clicking Children Fiction.  There are currently 5 pages of children’s books on clearance, with most titles under just $2 each!!

How To Save Money On Kids Books

I got a variety of books: some for my older daughter who is 8 years of age and into chapter books. I also purchased a few books for my 4-year-old. There were also a couple of Christmas books I snagged and will save for next year during our Christmas book reading frenzy that happens every December.


How To Save Money On Kids Books

This is a great way to stock up on many cheap kids books and save them for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or even put a couple in their Easter basket!  If you have a long car ride coming up, save some for that!  I love the Mouseton Abbey Sticker Activity book that is just $0.99!  You can’t ever buy a “used” sticker book, or find one of these in the library!

If you spend $35, then shipping is free!

What about you?  Where else do you find new books at amazing prices???  Tell us in the comments and I’ll add more to this list as a resource!

How To Save Money On Kids Books

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