Purple Trail 15% off Christmas Cards Promo Code – Valid Thru 12/30/18!

Purple Trail 15% off Christmas Cards Promo Code – Valid Thru 12/30/18!

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This past weekend we somehow managed to get our Christmas card pictures done with no issues.  It’s always iffy when dealing with a 5 year old with limited patience and trying to get all of us looking good in one shot.  But the fall leaves are at peak color in our yard and it turned out great!  😉

Now I’m all ready to make my Christmas card purchase!  This year I went with Purple Trail to design my Christmas cards.

Purple Trail is currently offering a 15% off discount for all holiday cards with the promo code: HAPPYDEAL.  If you know what picture you want to use, then jump on ordering your cards now!  I’m going to show you how to design and order your cards below!


There are over 500 Christmas and holiday designs available to choose from, so there are obviously plenty of options.  I did browse through them all, and while a tough choice, I  narrowed it down to this one:

There were some other designs that came close to being the winners:


After I chose my style, I went ahead and created an official account with Purple Trail.  Then simply click on the design that you like and you will be taken to the “personalize” page.

Click on the stock photo on the card design and it will ask you to “replace” it with one of your own.  You can crop and adjust your picture when its uploaded.  Mine luckily didn’t need any fixing.

Last step is to just change out the text so that it says the correct family names and not the “pretend” names in the sample design.  You can also change the wording of anything on the card – so if you want the message to be different, you can change that too.

The amount of cards you order determines your cost per card.  You can choose what style envelopes you want – some will cost you $0.15 each if you want added features.  Mine ended up being $1.39 per card.

When you get to the checkout phase, be sure to add promo code HAPPYDEAL to get 15% off of your order total!!

I’m so relieved that this annual tradition of getting the Christmas card picture taken and ordered is now crossed off my to-do list.  Now I have plenty of time for these to get shipped to me and for me to address them before I mail them out early December.  Be sure to take advantage of the promo code before 12/30/18!

Purple Trail isn’t just for holiday cards either!  Have a wedding, baby shower, or birthday party coming up?  Check out their Wedding Invitations,  Business Stationary, and Birthday Invitations!

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