Perfect Wooden DIY Gift Ideas for Different Levels of Expertise

Perfect Wooden DIY Gift Ideas for Different Levels of Expertise

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 Wooden DIY Gift Ideas For Different Levels of Expertiese! There is a long list of ideas you can try if you want to make a gift using wood.

What makes a gift special? Is it the amount of money spent behind the gift? Or is it the effort you put in order to find the gift? Anyone can go to the mall and spend big dollars to buy a fancy gift, but it takes a special someone to make a unique gift for you.  

So if you are a woodworker (or even a novice woodworker), and want to make a special gift for your loved ones, here are our top picks. These items are easy to make, extremely cheap and most importantly they are filled with love. 

 Wooden DIY Gift Ideas For Beginners  

If you are just beginning and haven’t had the chance to perfect your art yet then this section is for you. These are things that you can make with very minimal effort.  

Wooden Pen Holder 


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Starting off with the easiest trick in the book is a wooden pen holder, which would definitely show your effort in making the gift. This is the best item that you can give if you are a beginner woodworker.  

You can go square or rectangular with your frame there’s no certain rule of making a pen holder. Just make sure that the outer layer looks pretty.  

Wooden Jewelry 


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If you have the eyes for small details you can definitely try your hand in making wooden jewelry. Some wooden beads, some nice threads, and vibrant color are all you need.  

From earpieces to a necklace, and from bangles to bow tie – there is no shortage of ideas, and the best thing is that wooden jewelry would be extremely durable.  

A Wooden Picture Frame  


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A picture frame is one of the classiest gift items ever. It gets even more special when you make it by your own hand with a nice picture of a personal event.  

Try putting together two pieces of wood, one on top of the other like the one pictured above.  Stain the bottom one and leave the actual picture holder plain for nice contrast.  You can use clips or small clothespins to hold your picture.

 Wooden DIY Gift Ideas For Immediate Woodworkers 

If you had some experience with woodworking but are not a pro yet then this is for you. These items might be a bit more complicated than the previous ones but with a bit of skill will be able to handle these.  

A Wooden Phone Charger Stand 


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What can be more practical than giving someone a charger stand? This piece of work would not only look great but it will also add value, too. You can use a different type of woods in order to make this but oak would be your best option.  

Personalizing the item by carving someone’s name or even the logo of their business as a way to increase the beauty of this product.  


A Wooden Shoe Rack 


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Moving from one practical item to another, shoe storage is one of the most essential items that someone could have at their house. In fact, this is the first thing someone needs after entering the house.  

Depending on how many people you have at your house (or how big of a shoe-aholic you are), you can extend or condense the length of your shoe rack. Coloring it with the contrast of your wall color is a very good idea to make it pop.  


Wooden Diary  


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There can be no better gift for someone who loves to write. Try getting some yellow papers in your hand and make the note cover with wood. Flatwood would do just fine but if you are feeling fancy go for a wood that has a nice smell to it.  

Personalized curving is a plus but not necessary. Drilling two or three holes through the cover and the pages is all you need. Just make sure the alignment is right.  

Wooden DIY Gift Ideas For Professional WoodWorkers:

This section is for all those woodworking masters out there. Making these items might be a bit more complicated but you know you have it in you to make it work.  

A Wooden Porch Swing 


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Make your backyard your ultimate comfort zone by adding a porch swing in your backyard. Add some nice cushions and fillers to it and get the ultimate satisfaction. Using a different kind of wood and pairing it together is a nice way to make your swing more aesthetic. If you do it right you’ll only need $150 to make a good swing and make it look worth $1,000.  

A Wooden Outdoor Couch 


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This item is all about going big or going home. The outdoor couch is one of the most essential pieces of furniture that you can have for summertime. The secret about making a great outdoor couch is you don’t have to use very expensive materials for fancy woods.  

The wood will ultimately be hidden behind the cushions. So it is better to invest more in the cushions and less on the wood. You can even use old wood after you are done filling holes in wood. 

A Wooden Garden Bench 


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Garden benches are a quick way to add sophistication to your garden. You can spend hours looking at your garden if you have a nice garden bench to sit on.  

Pair it with a nice table and you also have the opportunity to have breakfast or snacks in your garden. Benches are rather easy to make, and you can easily add a new dimension to your work by bending the wood in a new axis.  


Add more value to the things you give to other people by making it on your own. Wooden items are the finest way to do that. You will definitely appreciate the gesture you put by showing so much effort.  

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