Nature Walk Activity for Kids

Nature Walk Activity for Kids

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Today I’m going to show you a fun nature walk activity for kids that I recently put together for my 6 and 10-year-old daughters. This nature walk scavenger hunt is similar to one I assigned my 9th graders to complete when I was still teaching high school biology.  They would need to bring in each item to class and present them on a foam board.

I have adapted this nature walk activities lesson plan to be user friendly for all elementary-age students.  I have two versions of things to look for on a nature walk.  I encouraged my girls to take pictures of what they discovered, and that way they could make a digital collage. (a more appropriate bonus assignment for 4th-8th graders.)

This free printable for an outdoor play scavenger hunt is perfect to do in the spring or summer months.  Sign up below to get your nature walk worksheets.  I have two versions you will receive – one nature walk activities for kindergarten through third grade, and one for fourth thru eighth grade.  Sign up below to get these right into your inbox!

The K-3 version has basic descriptions of items you will find in nature.  The 4-8 version may need some additional research to look up what some of the ecological terms are before they head out and find them in nature.  You can easily expand this assignment and have your students create a PowerPoint presentation of what they found and took pictures of.  They can define some of the more challenging biology vocabulary, along with what their role is in the ecosystem.  If you have a pond and can get some pond water, a fun additional activity would be to look at it under a microscope and discover even more living things!

Or – just go outside and have fun with this – find what you can, skip what you can’t, and just have fun looking a little more closely at things while you are outside!

nature scavenger hunt for kids

We completed our fun nature scavenger hunt in late April.  One item on the list was to find a flower with five petals.  My girls were busy running around counting petals on the very few flowers we have in upstate NY this time of year.  They found a few with 4 or 6 petals, but none with 5.  I think we’ll have to wait until May to get better luck on this one.

taking a picture of an animal bone during a nature scavenger hunt

We have a very large cat named Spot who is the friendliest cat in the world.  He’s also the most amazing hunter I’ve ever seen in a cat!  My girls know that he hides and eats his critters under the deck, so when they saw animal bone on the nature scavenger hunt list, they decided to look there first.  They easily found a jaw bone!  It could be from a mouse, but it was awfully big for a mouse, so my bet is they Spot caught a small squirrel sometime during the winter and we found the remains.

nature scavenger hunt for kids

My youngest is having fun grabbing a small pinecone off of a tree and putting it into her fun scavenger hunt collection bag.

nature scavenger hunt black locust seed pod

Close by the pine tree, she was also happy to find a seedpod from a locust tree and check that off of her nature walk worksheet!

nature scavenger hunt finding worms

We have a wood stove, and this time of year is when we get our wood delivered and stacked to prepare for next winter.  My girls picked up one piece of wood that had not been stacked yet and saw all of the worms crawling near the top.  That crossed off the invertebrate on my oldest’s list and worm on my youngest’s list!

nature scavenger hunt mushroom in the woods

We walked into our woods and found this unidentified mushroom.  My oldest is using this as her “unique item to identify” and will use the internet to help her figure out what kind of mushroom it is.  I’m sure we will all enjoy learning about her research and what she discoveres!

If you are in some woods during your nature walk, be sure to look under rocks and logs and you’ll find more insects, spiders, pill bugs (isopods), worms and other living things that you may want to identify!

If you would like these your own nature walk activity worksheets, be sure to sign up below and you’ll get both versions, adapted by age group, for your kids to use!

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