List of Top At Home Learning Pre-School STEM Toys

List of Top At Home Learning Pre-School STEM Toys

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Top At Home Learning Pre-School STEM Toys!

Being a former middle and high school science teacher for 8 years before I became a mom, I’m a huge advocate for having science related toys for my kids to play with.  My husband is also an engineer, so both of us are fans of science, technology, engineering, or math related toys that are educational and fun.  We still have a 5 year old at our house, so I’m always on the hunt for great STEM toys that are on her learning level.  Here is a great list of toys made by Learning Resources & The Learning Journey that are top notch at home learning pre-school STEM toys!


Pre-School STEM Toys!

 Shining Stars Projector – It’s a galaxy of stars in the palm of your hand! Young astronomers can explore early space science by beaming images of space onto any surface for a close-up view of stars, planets, and more! Just place the discs into the slot for quick and easy viewing. Features an easy-carry handle, automatic shut-off to conserve battery life, and a stand for projector mode. Includes 3 discs, with 8 images on each (24 images total).

This Since we’ve heard so much about experiences watching this years solar eclipse, here is a great toy to keep the conversation going at home about our solar system!

Match It! Crocodile Crunch – 

Kids will be “biting” at the chance to play this action-packed game. Game includes 4 colorful crocodile game boards, healthy & unhealthy food cards and 4 food play boards. Simply place all the food cards face down and each player will take turns flipping over cards until a correct food item card that matches their food play board is found. Place the correct card in the crocodile’s mouth. If a bad food item is selected, place in the crocodile’s mouth until a toothbrush card is selected to “brush away” the unhealthy food item. Be the first one to fill your board to win the game! For up to four players. Ages 3+ years.

This is great for counting and matching skills!


Pre-School STEM Toys!

Primary Science Hands-On Discovery Lab – Take the mess out of hands-on science investigations! Durable viewing box features built-in gloves to encourage even your most hesitant young scientists to take a closer look. Build a worm farm, make gooey slime or fill it with anything that deserves exploration. You also can cap the hand holes to promote hands-free observation. Cleans easily, latex-free gloves can be removed for rinsing. Wash box with soap and water. 

This to me is every moms’ dream science toy!  It contains the mess while the little ones can still explore!  I think the parents would have just as much fun playing with this one as the kids do (at least I would!)

Pre-School STEM Toys!

Primary Science™ Leap & Launch Rocket – Budding scientists get ready to blast off! Young learners will enjoy countless adventures in early space science while building gross motor skills with this perfect first rocket. Can you make the rocket land on the sun or moon target? Just stomp on the wide, “leap-on” launch pad featuring adjustable navigation, and see how far the rocket can go. Includes 2 soft foam rockets and Activity Guide filled with space facts.

This is a fun one that will keeps the kids active and competitive!  Again, another great toy to keep the astronomy learning alive after this recent eclipse.

Pre-School STEM Toys!

Primary Science Five Senses Activity Set –

This activity set helps children discover and explore the five senses. It’s also great for the development of STEM skills.
This set includes sensory tubes with lids, recordable answer buzzer, kaleidoscope, jumbo magnifier, divided plate with double-sided taste cards, tac-tiles™, and an activity guide.

I would love to have this set when she has a friend over to play.  We’d have such a fun “science lesson” that is really just play time too!

Pre-School STEM Toys!

Primary Science Lab Set – Perfectly sized science tools support early hands-on science investigations. Durable pieces feature measurement markings. Activity cards introduce science process skills, living and nonliving things, physical science, senses and more. 

I remember when I was a kid, I used to mix soaps and powders (or anything else I could find in the bathroom that my mom would let me play with) and I’d concoct all sorts of “cures for cancer.”  This looks like a fun set that can also let your kids practice being breakthrough scientists!

Pre-School STEM Toys!

Froggy Feeding Fun –

Squeeze the frog to open its mouth, pick up flies and strengthen fine motor muscles! Roll a cube to determine which flies to munch.

Math- Reinforces both numbers and counting skills using the number cube with flies, allowing students to explore number-quantity relationships.

Fine Motor- Encourages bilateral coordination by grasping the frog with one hand and feeding it with the other.

We love Froggy Feeding Fun at our house because its a great activity that reinforces both counting and color learning.

Pre-School STEM Toys!

Here is my 4 year old getting her 4 blue flies that she just rolled the dice to get.

Pre-School STEM Toys!

She also has fun squeezing the frog and pretending he’s eating the flies!

Pre-School STEM Toys!


If you are looking for more STEM toys for girls, check out this list!

top at-home learning pre-school STEM toys!


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  1. All of us would enjoy playing with this toy. However, it will be used most by the grandkids (got 5 under 5 and they spend LOTS of time here – we are so LUCKY!)

  2. My grandson will love playing with this toy. He likes putting things in his mouth so this is right up his alley. | Maura White Google + Page