Levana Video Baby Monitor Review & Giveaway (Ends February 29th)

Levana Video Baby Monitor Review & Giveaway (Ends February 29th)

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Do More Knowing Your Child Is Safe

I have a cool baby product (and giveaway) to tell you about – the Levana Astra 2 Camera Video Baby Monitor.

Astra™ (As-tra)

Meaning: Star

***Introducing the Astra baby video monitor, Levana’s latest big star. With a 3.5” screen, whisper quiet pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) image control and soothing Talk to Baby™ intercom you will always feel close to your baby no matter what your day brings.  The hefty battery life lasts up to 48 hours in power save mode so you can rely on Astra to keep going strong, long after you and your baby have said “good night”. Discover the freedom of doing more and seeing more with a little help from Astra. ***


48 hour battery life in PEEP mode

Smooth and silent pan/tilt/zoom cameras

Talk to Baby™ two-way communication

See more on a 3.5” screen

Private ClearVu® digital signal

Invisible LED night vision

Smart LED Indicator Ring

3 soothing lullabies

Expandable up to 4 cameras


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Buy on Levana for just $99! WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

 Products labeled [OPEN] have been removed from their packaging, as they may be display units or returned items. They have been thoroughly inspected, pre-tested and are ready to use. The Astra 2 Camera (OPEN) is available to consumers for $99.99 ($100 Off!).  A model that is $100 is for sure a happy deal!

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I didn’t have a video monitor with my first daughter.  I got mixed feedback when talking with moms when I made my baby registry the first time around.  I guess because I’m generally a practical person, I didn’t think having the video part to the monitor was a necessity, especially since I had good mom friends who agreed with me.  So we lived with and had gotten by with just a sound monitor.

BUT, I got a little wiser when my second daughter came along and got a video monitor.  I would now tell every mom I know, that it’s totally worth getting the extra bonus feature of the video screen for a baby monitor!!

Here’s why:

1.  Well the most obvious reason is that I can SEE my baby, and not just hear.  Levana was actually the first to market with hi-res 4.3” LCD screens.  Now I used that screen to tell if the reason she isn’t settling down is because she lost her pacifier. Now that she’s a bit older (2 years old) – I can now see if she’s standing up and avoiding a nap. I wish these monitors had a smell sensor – so I could tell if it was a diaper that needed changing too!  🙂

Plus, the camera has a pan, tilt, zoom feature which is AWESOME!  Levana has one of the only wireless movement monitors on the market. They focused on this so that it was safer to avoid cord strangulation with babies.  You can use arrows and pan around the entire room.  This can be used as a security camera – not just a baby monitor!!   This will come in so handy when my 2 year old is in her big girl bed.  If she sneaks out of bed when she shouldn’t – I’ll see where she goes!

2.  PLUS, this monitor has a two way talk feature.

Now that my girl can talk back to me, I just love how I push the talk button and can talk to her during naptime.  Most of the time I’m saying things like “close your eyes and take a nap.”  But I was able to catch a cute video of our conversation after she woke up from her nap the other day.  🙂

3.  This monitor also comes with crystal clear night vision, and a lullaby button if your baby settles down with music.  It does not need to be plugged in all the time either, so I can carry it with me no matter where I am in the house.  And it has an up to 48 hour battery life!

4.  This is expandable to use with up to 4 cameras.  If I had kids in more than one bedroom, this would be ideal!

Our 2 year old is still sleeping in a pack-n-play.  For awhile she was getting her feet stuck in the crib and would wake us up – so the pack-n-play solved that. Now we are waiting for it to be time for the big girl bed that is right next to her.  When she is in the big girl bed, I’m going to love being able to keep an eye on her and tell her to lay back down during “rest time.”

In terms of using the screen, it is easy to navigate.  You just need to be sure the unlock button on the side is off or you’ll think its broke.  That  happened to me.  I kept pushing the scan arrow to move the camera and nothing happened.  Then I found out the lock setting was on.

Overall – if you are looking for the latest and best when it comes to video baby monitors – this is it.  Plus right now its so affordable!  Paying just $99 for an open box model seems like a no brainer to me!

Request this one ladies on your baby shower registries – and you’ll have peace of mind that all is well with the baby in the other room!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Levana. The opinions and text are all mine.

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