Easy Frugal Recipe | Ham, Cheese & Pear Melt with Pepper Jelly!

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Here is another Easy Frugal Recipe that I have recently made – using pears in a ham and cheese melt!  I have to give credit to my mom on this one – I feel like she’s always the brains behind good recipes I share!


Whole wheat bread

Thin Shaved Honey Smoked Ham

Muenster Cheese

Pear – sliced thin

Hunter & Hilsberg Hot Pepper Jelly (this is not super hot by the way – barely spicy at all actually.)  I found this kind at Wegmans or you can order one on Amazon.

hot pepper jelly


Spread the Hot Pepper Jelly on each slice of bread.  Even though the label says “hot” and you see large chunks of peppers, this is not really a spicy jelly.  It’s really sweet with a hint of pepper in the background – quite yummy if you ask me!

Top with ham, cheese, and thinly sliced pear.  You may want to put a slice of cheese on both pieces of bread to act as a “glue” when the sandwich is grilled.  Butter the outside of the bread and grill until golden brown!

The sweetness of the pear balances the saltiness of the ham & cheese for the perfect flavor!  The Hot Pepper Jelly is also sweet and not spicy, giving it the perfect extra flavor!  You can serve this sandwich with a potato, vegetable or rice of your choice.


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