Why Crest is Giving Us Permission to Have MORE Candy This Halloween + Hilarious Kids Commercial!

Why Crest is Giving Us Permission to Have MORE Candy This Halloween + Hilarious Kids Commercial!

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**This is a sponsored post by Crest.  All opinions are my own.**

Halloween season is here! It’s time for cool weather, funny costumes, and of course–candy.
It’s impossible to entirely avoid the temptation of all the sweet treats you’re likely to encounter over the
next month, so Crest has you covered with a fun reminder to your followers to keep up those brushing
routines during the season.

Is that a blue halloween pumpkin bucket with Crest toothpaste inside?

What kid wants a bucket of just toothpaste this year?

Oh wait – it’s a Halloween bucket filled with toothpaste AND candy!!!  That’s better!!!!

I know it seems quite a juxtapostion to see Crest toothpaste mixed in with a blue Halloween pumpkin candy bucket.  But the truth is, most of our families will be eating some extra sugar and candy at the end of this month.  If we are going to enjoy these sweet treats, let’s pair the candy up with some toothpaste and keep our teeth extra clean in the process!   In reality,  candy + toothpaste is a great pair!

Crest recently did a Halloween survey and found out that 86% of parents eat candy that was given to their child while trick-or-treating.  I am totally part of this 86%!!

Another finding from the survey is that 48% of adults enforce a stricter teeth brushing/flossing routine on Halloween for themselves.  However, 70% parents enforce stricter teeth brushing/routines on Halloween for their children.

Hmmm….sounds like many of us parents are hypocrites.  

I guess I need to admit that I need a reminder for myself to brush and floss more as much as my kids need the reminder!

Or instead of admitting we all need to brush more,  maybe you are one of those who thinks kids just won’t have extra candy at Halloween.  I used to think that too, just like I said my kids will never watch TV and never throw a temper tantrum in public.  Yes, I was the perfect parent before I actually had kids!

Crest decided to interview some kids to see their reaction if they had got the “healthy alternatives” that us parents day dream about giving our kids instead of candy.  You gotta watch and see how these kids react to “tofu ghost mellows” an “artichoke buttercups.”  It’s only a minute long and totally worth it to hear about the “Poopy Pinata!”

My 5 year old, who is going to be a black cat this year, would totally be like that one girl who said “I threw up.”  She’d be throwing a public tantrum after our church’s harvest party if we sent her home with some veggie fruit chews instead of a bag of candy.  She’d also be kicking and screaming if she got “healthy cupcakes” while trick-or-treating.

Let’s be real parents – Halloween wouldn’t be the same without Halloween candy! (for both our kids and for us!) Next time you are at the store, grab some extra Crest toothpaste and brush a few extra times when the Halloween treats come our way.  That’s way we can cancel out the bad that comes with the fun treats of Halloween.  😉

P.S.  For all of my fellow Wegmans Shoppers, Crest Cavity Protection Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste, 6.4 fl. oz is on sale thru 11/3/18 for just $0.99!!!!

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