The Cheapest Natural Kids Body Wash I Have Found

The Cheapest Natural Kids Body Wash I Have Found

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I know one topic that comes up again and again in the frugal community is how to save money on natural or organic products.  I too have a hard time with this topic.  I sometimes find it very difficult forking out extra cash for organic produce or a new organic brand because it is more expensive.

One day at Wegmans, I was grabbing a gallon of milk and the lady next to me said she lived on a local farm and supplied the milk for Wegmans.  She told me that the milk in the “normal” 2 gallon jug, and the milk in the “organic” jug came from the same place!!  She says that buying organic is a total rip off and they didn’t use antibiotics on any of their cows – but Wegmans is making more money with the organic label.  Hmmm….so that makes me think – do we really know, without a doubt, that when we buy something “natural” or “organic” that it truly is different and better than what we would normally buy – and that it should be priced higher?

I don’t have all of the answers, but when I find a great price on a natural or organic product, I get it for sure.  So that is what I wanted to share with you today.

As a mom, I get more concerned about safer products for my kids.  I recently found a brand of natural kids body wash that is the cheapest of other “natural” kids body washes that you’d find at Wegmans.

I took a snap shot of a few “natural” brands of kids body wash at Wegmans with prices – all listed below:

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Aveeno Baby Body Wash, 18 fl oz – $8.99 or $0.49 per ounce

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Babyganics Bubble Bath, 17 fl oz – $7.99 or $0.47 per ounce

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Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo, 7.8 fl oz – $5.49 or $0.70 per ounce

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Burt’s Bees Baby Shampoo, 12 fl oz – $8.99 or $0.75 per ounce

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Jason Kids Only Shampoo, 8 fl oz – $7.49 or $0.94 per ounce.

koala pals tear free

Koala Kids Tear Free Shampoo, 11 oz for $4.99 or $0.45 per ounce (preferred customer price.).  This one WINS as the CHEAPEST!!!  Plus it smells just flat out amazing!

This kids body wash is not found in Wegmans.  I am a preferred customer at Melaleuca and bought this on their site.  I have been a customer for a few months now and I’m totally loving their products!  This is just one of many that me and my family love.  I also love that this is a company that offers safer products – that is not way more expensive than what you would already be paying.

In order to shop for Melaleuca products, you need to sign up to be a preferred customer, and need to do so through another Melaleuca customer.  Once you get your own personal online account set up – you just order on your own when you want – and you don’t need to rely on a product distributor to pay or deliver your products.  Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an e-mail if you are interested in learning more and I can give you all of the specifics of how the company works and get you set up.

Melaleuca also has a great line of green home cleaning products – you can read about my favorite one OVER HERE!

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