What to Buy (and NOT Buy) in February!

What to Buy (and NOT Buy) in February!

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What to buy and not buy in February!

Each month there are trends in retail companies based on holidays, seasons,  new releases, and yearly stock turnover, that determine the best time for us consumers to get the best prices.  Here’s a breakdown for shopping tips for the month of February.

What to Buy:

Chocolate and other Valentine’s merchandise. The day after Valentine’s Day is the best time to get Valentine’s decor, cards, and chocolate!  I’ve gotten kids valentine cards (class sets) for a quarter in the past!  Valentine’s Day themed chocolate can be up to 80% off!  Flowers can be sometimes discounted as well!  I’m a huge fan of celebrating Valentine’s Day on Feb. 15th for this reason.  😉

Jewelry. Once Valentine’s Day has passed, prices on jewelry will plummet. During the last two weeks of February, you can snatch up post-holiday discounts of 60% – 80% off rings, earrings, bracelets, and more. Again – Feb. 15th is a great time to celebrate Valentine’s Day – or shop in advance for Mother’s Day.  Remember – these discounts are the reason I shop for holidays all year long!

Winter apparel and gear. During this final full month of winter, you’ll find some of the year’s deepest discounts on winter apparel and sports goods. Retailers want to make room for spring merchandise, so how is the time to stock up on sweaters, ski gear, hats, boots, and other winter clothing items!

TVs and electronics. You can save 60-70% on previous generation TV’s, smartphones, tablets, and other electronics.  Mid winter is when the new generations of these electronic products are released, which means older versions will see a slash in prices.

Furniture. New furniture designs are released during January at the Las Vegas Market. Just as you see with electronics, its time to get rid of last seasons merchandise and make room for new furniture designs.  You can find discounts up to 70%!  Now is the time to get your new tv stand, hutch, dining room table, bedroom sets and more!

Tax software. Towards the end of the month, early bird tax filers will have completed this dreadful mandatory task. Now that there is less demand for tax software, you can find great deals from companies like H&R Block and TurboTax during this time and up until the  April 18 filing due date.

What Not to Buy:

Gym memberships. New Year’s resolutions are over – which means so are the gym membership deals.  You’ll have to wait until spring until we see more financial incentives to join the gym.

Spring apparel. The new spring clothing is just hitting the stores – which means full price all the way!  Unless you are traveling someplace warmer and need this new line of clothing – then just wait a few months before you get your new pair of capris!

Travel. This is peak for winter and spring break travel planning – which means discounts will not be easy to find.  If you want a great deal on a vacation – choose to travel in September or October when the peak season has just ended.

What to Buy and Not Buy in February


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