6 Ways to Save on Beauty Products

6 Ways to Save on Beauty Products

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6 Ways to Save on Beauty Products

Sometimes being a mom means that we offer to sacrifice something that we would want in order to pay for items our kids need.  One of those areas that easily gets knocked off of the top priority list in the budget is on beauty products.  Buying cosmetics and beauty products have always been a costly affair especially when you opt for products that are very effective or that have natural or organic ingredients.  Today I’m going to share with you 6 ways to save on beauty products, so that we too can spoil ourselves without breaking the bank.

  1.  Join the email subscription to your favorite brands or products

We all hate getting those spammy emails all about the deals in the inbox. But, do you know that some retailers offer insider deals?  If you have a brand that you absolutely love, then look for their e-mail list where they more often than not offer sales and coupons that are not promoted to the general public.  Don’t want daily e-mails from the same brand?  Go ahead and hit unsubscribe and you may be able to find a weekly or monthly option to join instead.

2.  Look for promo codes!!

When it comes to shopping online, I always look for a promo code before checking out. You can simply look for the promo codes on a search engine by entering the brand name + ”promo code”. or else you can simply visit the website that offers such deals like Dealslands (for those in the UK) or Savings.com (for those in the US.)

3.  Ask for samples

Some items look amazing at stores but, when you buy them, you decide that that beauty product just won’t work for you.  You don’t want to end up wasting money, so go ahead and ask for product samples at stores or online. You can ask for the samples directly from the store and let them know that you have a sensitive skin or you are in no position to spend much on the product. Sometimes you will even find coupons that come with your free samples!

4.  Join the reward program

Joining the reward program means you are taking a chance to enjoy the members-only rewards. Most of the time it is a free entry and you will be able to gain some points to eventually help you earn discounts or even some free gifts. So if you are a frequent shopper at such places, you will be able to save on your favorite products that you will use again and again. For example, check out the Marks and Spencer offers for various brands when you make a purchase.

5.  Shop in bulk

If you have a favorite shampoo or face wash, it is better to buy the largest volume container you can find.  If there is a family size, then get that and stock up.  You always pay less per unit weight or volume if you buy in a bulk container – like what you would find at Sam’s Club or Costco.

6.  Look for Re-usuable Items for Your Beauty Routine

I recently discovered the Norwex Make-up Remover cloth and it works amazingly well – even on waterproof mascara!  You just wet the cloth and wipe the make-up off of your face.  No eye make-up remover or soap needed!  Since it is a washable cloth, I no longer need to use an eye make-up remover product along with disposable cotton pads that I need to keep purchasing over and over.  I pay for this cloth once, and can re-use it, which saves me on my skin care routine in the long run!

What ways do you save on your beauty products?  Do you have a special soap or lotion you actually make yourself?  Let us know in the comments!

6 Ways to Save on Beauty Products

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