5 Life Changing Interior Design Tips For Small Spaces

5 Life Changing Interior Design Tips For Small Spaces

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As the cost of houses continues to rise, more and more people are choosing to downsize to make the most of their budget. Downsizing is a great way to save on rent or your mortgage, but it does come with its own challenges. Mainly, you’ll need to figure out how to navigate your small space effectively.  Here are 5 life changing interior design tips to get you started!


Whether you live in a small apartment or you just want to make the most of the space you have, try these 5 life changing interior design tips for size. Nobody’s ever complained about having too much space, but soon you’ll learn that your small space can be better than ever.

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1. Shrink Your Furniture

While you might not be able to physically shrink your furniture, consider downsizing your furniture. Choosing smaller furniture is the easiest way to transform your space. It’s tempting to purchase larger furniture if your goal is to have more storage space, but this is actually the opposite of what you want to do.


Large furniture looks great in large spaces, but it crowds smaller rooms. For instance, opting for a small, round dining table is a better option than a bulky, square table that takes up too much space. Smaller furniture pieces keep everything feeling open and free.

2. Think Upwards

When it comes to small spaces, you have to think vertically as well as horizontally. You have more space than you think if you just look up. Going vertical with storage, decor, and even furniture will go a long way.


Using storage shelves, floating bookshelves, and even mounting your TV on the wall will save you a lot of space. Because the eye will naturally travel upwards, you’ll be creating the illusion of space and eliminating clutter.

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3. Zone Your Space

We don’t usually think about zoning when it comes to spaces, but this is one of the best ways to transform your small space. Creating zones in your home will help you feel like you’re entering different rooms of your home without physically having additional rooms.


What do we mean by zoning? Think about the activities you do in your home. Do you have a work space, a sleeping space, an entertainment space? All of these can be separated with different furniture, colors, and style.

4. Avoid Clutter

Another effective way to make more of your small space is to focus on organization. Clutter adds weight to a space. In fact, there’s science showing us that clutter and messiness actually creates stress and anxiety.


A better option is to invest in storage solutions. Cabinets can be the most effective storage idea for kitchen and living spaces, but you can even use these in unexpected areas of your home. Find out where to buy the best cabinets here.

If you aren’t looking into buying new cabinets just yet, check out this tutorial on how to paint your own cabinets – and no sanding is required!

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5. Use Lighter Colors

Last but not least, this interior design tip is to think about the colors in your space. Dark colors add weight to a room, and that’s the opposite of what you want to do if the space already feels small. Lighter colors and neutrals give the illusion of airiness and more space.


Avoid dark colors that create more shadows, making the space feel smaller. Great color ideas include white, light grey, and light yellow.

Make Your Small Space Count

Your small space can be made your own as long as you’re strategic about how you use it. Tricking your eye into thinking there’s more room isn’t as hard as you think. From lighter colors to zoning your spaces, you’ll soon learn that it’s possible to make every piece count.


Maximizing your small space is possible with the right style and tips. These life changing interior design tips above will have you enjoying your smaller space in no time at all.

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