20 Day Budget Bootcamp Challenge


My updated 20 day Budget Challenge has now launched as of January 1st, 2017.  Come and join our Facebook Group for further discussion on each topic!

In the meantime, feel free to check out my older posts on each topic below and see how you can transform your finances for the better!

Day 1: One Month To Get Your Finances In Order

Day 2:   How To Set Up a Basic Budget

Day 3:  Let Your Goals drive your budget

Day 4:  Getting on the Same Page as your Financial Partner

Day 5:  How To Begin Paying Down Debt

Day 6:  Avoiding Temptation and Impulse Purchases

Day 7:  Couponing 101

Day 8:  Go On A Spending Freeze

Day 9:  Smart Ways to Build Your Emergency Fund

Day 10: How To Save On Entertainment & Where to Get Extra Money For A Date Night!

Day 11:  How To Save Money Without Clipping Coupons

Day 12: Learn How Meal Plans Save Time & Money In The Kitchen (and why MyFreezEasy App beats ALL meal planning tools you can find!)

Day 13:  Earn Extra Cash By Selling Items Around the House

Day 14:  20 Ways to Pinch a Penny That You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

Day 15:  10 Tips to Save on Buying Clothing

Day 16:  Best Money & Grocery Saving Apps for Your Phone

Day 17:  How To Make Money From Home

Day 18:  DIY Projects:  Save Money & Be Creative

Day 19:  Shop For Christmas & Birthdays All Year Long

Day 20:  How To Make Living on a Budget FUN!

Now you can re-visit your goals and celebrate what you’ve learned, achieved, and will save!!!

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