Vipon – A Great Site To Easily Get Amazon Promo Codes!

Vipon – A Great Site To Easily Get Amazon Promo Codes!

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Vipon is a money saving site I just discovered that shows you just deals you can find on Amazon!  It does not need to be Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday to find great deals!!  Whenever I’m shopping on Amazon (which I will admit is a lot!), I’m always wondering if there is a hidden promo code somewhere for the product I want so I can get it cheaper.  Or, I’d love it if I could just go to a site that had all of the Amazon coupons in one place – and then I could shop for just deals – like going down the clearance aisle of Amazon!  Well, Vipon is the clearance aisle of Amazon and it’s so fun to browse and shop!

How to shop on Vipon to get Amazon Promo Codes:

First of all, you need to get the app on your phone.  Just go here and you’ll find it in the app store.  Download it and start shopping!

I initially skimmed through the featured deals and found those super cute infant water shoes that I’m snagging for my 6 month old nephew!

When I clicked on the product and then clicked “get coupon” – an Amazon promo code shows up that you can use at checkout on your purchase.  Then I clicked on “copy code and go to Amazon” where I added the shoe color and size to my cart.  Then at checkout, I pasted the promo code and just got these for just $4.20!

Amazon Promo Codes

Look at this awesome deal – 3 veggie peelers for just $6.49.  That’s just $2.16 each!  They each have a different blade as well with a large ergonomic handle.  I wonder how well the straight edge blade would work with my peeling an apple with a drill life hack?! 

Amazon Promo Codes

You can also search by specific category for an Amazon promo code (which is the same thing as an Amazon coupon).  I was at first browsing the women’s clothing section, but I know I need new slippers.  So then I typed in “slippers” in the search category and I found these Z-Joyee Women House Slippers for just $6.50!  Sweet!  That’s cheaper than what you find at Walmart for similar slippers!

Other cool facts about Vipon:

  • 50- 90% OFF everything
  • 2,000,000 registered shoppers
  • 40,000 discounted Amazon products
  • Their app is both for both android and ios!

So if you want to browse all of the money-saving deals and get great promo codes for Amazon, then this is a great place to do so!

Check out this Facebook Live video I did sharing more deals I’ve gotten on Vipon: 

Happy deal shopping and find something good! Let us know in the comments what awesome deal you snagged!

Amazon Promo Codes


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