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Non-Candy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids!

Non-Candy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids!

I have been on the lookout for some cute ideas for non-candy Valentine gift ideas for kids.

Non-candy valentines gifts for kids

My kids got enough candy in their Christmas stockings (from grandparents) to seriously last 6 months!  I’m pretty sure they have candy from Halloween that still hasn’t been eaten.

The last thing I want to turn around and give them this Valentine’s day is more candy!

So here is a list of some cute and frugal gift ideas for your kids that are not candy, with some personalized ideas to make your gift more meaningful as well!

Non-Candy Valentine GiftGroggle’s Monster Valentine book by Diana Murray and Bats Langley

(1/17/16, picture book, ages 3–6: Groggle has been up all night making a Valentine’s Day card. This isn’t just any Valentine, though, and it has to be perfect—it’s for Snarlina, his beast friend in the whole wide world.

This is a very cute book that the boys will love since the valentines are filled with slime and spiders – perfect for a Monster valentine!  🙂

Non-Candy Valentine Gift

Love Big takes place generations after the magic in Kat Kronenberg’s best-selling book, Dream Big.

This new book’s beautiful message makes it a wonderful gift for those who want to build a loving WE community–from home to school, neighborhoods, church, or travel.

If people can begin to encourage one another to pursue their passions–with kindness, sharing, listening, and care–we can overcome anything and achieve extraordinary dreams together.

Notebook Doodles Fabulous Fashion Guided Journal

This inspiring guided journal for tweens ages 8 – 12 is designed to build confidence and self-esteem in young girls!

Night Night, Valentine by Amy Parker

Amy Parker’s children’s books have sold more than a million copies, including two Christian Retailing’s Best award-winning books. She now adds Night Night, Valentine, a delightful way to remind your child of your love to her popular Night Night bedtime books series.

Her third seasonal title, Night Night, Valentine shares a message that family time together is sweet any time of year.

A great read-aloud, little ones can enjoy the story of little pandas enjoying all the fun that Valentine’s Day brings along with their panda parents by hanging decorations, baking treats, crafting heart-shaped cards, and savoring the warmth of a loving hug.

Magbuddies Sets

Step into the world of Max’s Playground Set, Maggy’s House Set, Milo’s Mansion Set, Minibot Kitchen Set and build your own amazing Mag City. Collect all 4 and see what you can create. Ages 3+ MSRP: $49.99 each.

Creating new traditions will be a great way to make memories and will give the kids something to look forward to even while being stuck at home. A few ideas include building sets like those from Magformers which stimulate creative problem solving, encourage hands-on learning, and will get kids away from the screen.

Rock the Locks gets flyway’s under control and hair picture perfect!

This fun hair care line has bold packaging that kids love, and safe, clean ingredients that Moms trust. No harsh chemicals, no sulfates, parabens, phthalates, dyes or petrolatum!! Check out their fun SHAKE & SHIMMER Glitter Hairspray!

CUBE Tissues

Completely revitalizes the category by taking the classic tissue box and turning it into fun figures featuring some of today’s hottest licensed characters including Minions, Thomas and Friends, PAW Patrol™, Trolls, Shopkins and Jurassic World.

Ooze Labs: Soap & Bath Bomb Lab

In this pretend STEM scenario, you are a chemist for a bath and body products company and it’s your job to make and test different cosmetic products.

Use the tools in your laboratory to employ different scientific techniques and essential chemistry principles to make soaps and bath bombs. Try out different additives to affect the color, smell, and other qualities of the products you make.

As you mold different glycerin soap shapes, you learn about the chemical properties of soap that help it pick up and wash away dirt. All materials and chemicals are non-toxic. Ages 6 & up.

Non-Candy Valentine Gift

Learning Resources Gears Gears Gears!

100-Piece Deluxe Building Set, Pink Building Kit. Check out this educational STEM toy that even comes in Valentine colors.  My girls love watching the gears spin!

Non-Candy Valentine Gift

STEM at Play® BOOM! Combustion Science Lab Kit

Become an expert in things-that-go-boom! The fact-filled lab guide is chock-full of pictures and information for hours of fun in your own combustion lab!

STEM at play kits bring science concepts to life through hands-on activities designed to spark interest, inspire confidence, prompt creative critical-thinking skills while fostering collaboration between children and adults.

STEM at play kits provide materials to support scholastic goals while keeping at-home learning fun. This kit comes with these activities:  Fizzy bombs, Inflate a balloon without blowing, Lava lamp, Birthday cake sparklers, Rocket balloon…and more!

As a former science teacher, I know my daughters and I will have a blast (pun fully intended) with this one!

I’m considering using this kit and hosting a Science BOOM Birthday party where my oldest daughter and myself can put on these science demos for my younger daughter and her friends!

How To Be A Great Sibling Kit

If you have a baby on the way, then check out this How To Be A Great Sibling Kit!

This Little Medical School® “CLASSROOM IN A BOX” offers big brothers/sisters a wide variety of hands-on and educational activities. The HOW TO BE A GREAT SIBLING KIT can be enjoyed multiple times with several activities:

Prepare For Baby
Keep Baby Safe
Watch Baby Grow
SHHH…Baby is Sleeping
Be the Best Helper
Great Sibling Oath and Certificate

Non-Candy Valentine Gift

Educational Insights Sculptapalooza

Ready, Set, Sculpt! Arts & crafts meet game night in this fast-paced, hands-on party game! Two teams take turns drawing cards and using squishy, squashy Playfoam® to sculpt what they see.

But hold on tight!

You might have to sculpt with your eyes closed, use your sculpture as a charades prop, or tag team with another player. Guess what your team sculpted before time runs out to score a point.

The first team to earn 20 points wins the game!

Non-Candy Valentine Gift

IllumiCraft™ Light-Up! Jewelry Organizer

This is another great educationsl STEM toy that serves a functional purpose.  This is the perfect activity for my engineer husband to do with my 7 year old flowery daughter!

Non-Candy Valentine Gift

Easy Handmade Journals For Kids

You probably already have the materials to make one of these handmade journals for kids at home.  I suggest making one for your son or daughter and include some love notes in it, and leave the rest blank for them to fill out, or finish decorating.

Non-Candy Valentine Gift

Get a personalized I See Me! book

We have quite a few of these at our house and each one is truly precious.  There are some very cute personalized Valentine’s Day book options that will be a life long keepsake for your child.   I have reviewed this company in the past over here!

Non-Candy Valentine Gift

Get a small toy or jewelry items for less than $10 on Amazon as a non-candy Valentine’s Day gift idea.

Here are three examples:

InvisableInk “Spy” Pens on Amazon.  Write a secret Valentine that they will have to decode!

Lego Friends there are quite a few sets for less than $10.  My daughter is currently addicted to Lego Friends!

Valentine necklace for less than $5 shipped!

Non-Candy Valentine Gift

Get supplies to make Homemade Puffy Paint!  It’s just shaving cream, liquid white glue, and food coloring.  You could make up a gift basket with these items and then have a fun afternoon of arts and crafts.

home made play dough

Get materials to make 2 ingredient Homemade Playdough.  Add it to a gift basket with the homemade puffy paint ingredients!

Non-Candy Valentine Gift

Get some glow sticks at a dollar store and add this “You Light Up My Life Valentine” free printable card.

Non-Candy Valentine Gift

Follow this step-by-step tutorial and learn how to fold your dollar bills into hearts! Then add these dollar bill origami hearts to your valentine’s cards!

Non-candy valentines gifts for kids

Come Alive Bethel Worship Kids CD/DVD – see my review of this over HERE

What non-candy Valentine’s Day gift ideas do you have that should be on this list?  Leave some great ideas in the comments!