How To Survive The Chaotic Dinner Hour Without Stress & Overwhelm!

How To Survive The Chaotic Dinner Hour Without Stress & Overwhelm!

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Do you dread it each day when 5pm rolls around and it’s time to make dinner? 

Are you sick of the kids running around crazy while you figure out what to get on the table?

Are you scrambling last minute and always feel stressed when it comes time to feed your family?

Are you wondering how to get the kids settled down and help you with dinner, rather than crawl under your feet and distract you?

If you answered yes to any of these, you are not alone!  I too battle each day from 5-7 from being in a bad mood during the dinner hour. I recently found a very useful resource for you to check out to help alleviate this stress!!  It is an online workshop called My Efficient Kitchen.

After I watched each module from My Efficient Kitchen, I took away some great tips to help me thrive during those 2 hours each day, rather than dread them!

This workshop is written by Erin Chase, the author of MyFreezEasy – all of the awesome make ahead meal plans I’m a fan of.  In “My Efficient Kitchen” she shares her own advice on how to thrive during that hard time of the day and enjoy time with your family without stress and overwhelm.

Why take advice from Erin?  Well, Erin is a mom of 4 boys ranging in age from toddler to teen! She has personally suffered enough stress and chaos during the dinner hour, that she created her famous Make Ahead Meal Plans using MyFreezEasy.  After creating MyFreezEasy, she has had an abundance of moms asking her how she further manages the daily dinner hour, so then My Efficient Kitchen was born.  Erin has pulled together the best time and sanity-saving kitchen hacks and invaluable reminders and encouragement for how we think about dinner in this class.

Erin wants to help you go from being that mom who wants to hide in her closet alone (while her family eats without her)…

…to that mom who’s engaged in the dinner conversation and strengthening relationships with her people, while enjoying a delicious meal.

Check out all the amazing lessons (and bonus resources) that Erin has for you in her new online class! Here is what you get when you join this online workshop:

Each lesson is a short video that you watch that ranges from 2-15 minute segments.

Module 1 – The Dinner Mindset
Lesson 1 – Why Dinner is SO DIFFICULT
Lesson 2 – Overwhelm & Decision Fatigue
Lesson 3 – Daily Habits & Tweaking your Systems
Lesson 4 – Gratitude

Module 2 – Time Blocks
Lesson 1 – The Morning Time Block
Lesson 2 – The Afternoon Time Block
Lesson 3 – The Other Time Blocks – Midday and/or Late Night

Module 3 – The Greatest Kitchen Hacks
Lesson 1 – Dinner Table Systems
Lesson 2 – The 411 on Freezer Meals
Lesson 3 – Make-Ahead Lunches & Breakfasts
Lesson 4 – Slow Cooker vs. Instant Pot

My personal favorite part of this course was in module one – where Erin addresses the negative emotions of a mother that can creep up during the dinner hour.  I was happy to hear I was not alone, and really liked her simple and practical suggestions for changing mindsets.

When you join this workshop, you will have access to all of the modules and classes all at once, so you can pick and choose what and when you watch.  That way you can watch when it is convenient for you.

I honestly believe this truly is a great resource and is totally worth the affordable price to clean some much-needed wisdom from a mom who gets why dinner time can just be the worst.

After you join and watch the lessons, be sure to come back and comment on what your favorite tip you learned and implemented to make your family dinner hour more peaceful and fun!

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