Snowmen Family Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Snowmen Family Toilet Paper Roll Craft

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Here is a fun craft tutorial that you can do with the kids this winter:  Snowmen Family Toilet Paper Roll Craft.  This is an easy one to do since you can probably find most of the craft supplies for this already at your house.  I love coming up with ways to upcycle objects that normally end up in the trash can – and this is a fun way to incorporate the use toilet paper rolls into a kids activity.

It’s somewhat ironic that in upstate NY this year, the only real snowman we’ve been able to make are out of toilet paper rolls, rather than out of real snow!  I’m not complaining over the very mild winter we’ve had.  So instead of snowmen made out of snow this season, we’ve made these ones that won’t melt!

Toilet Paper Roll Craft

What’s Needed to Make Snowmen Family Toilet Paper Roll Craft:

* Empty Toilet Paper Tubes/Paper Towel Tubes

* Orange Tic Tacs

* Colored Glitter Glue Pens

* Assorted Colors of Felt

* Buttons

* Pipe Cleaners

* Wiggly Eyes

* White Acrylic Paint

* Assorted Colors of Poms

* Hot Glue Gun and Scissors

Toilet Paper Roll Craft


1. Cut your tubes to desired sizes and paint them white with acrylic paint.  I like using the black foam brushes for this one – it covers a lot of surface at once.  Let it fully dry before you start to decorate your snowman.

Toilet Paper Roll Craft

2. Next, cut your pipe cleaners to approximately 3 inches. Cut the felt into 9 inch strips and cut little fringe into each end of the strips.

Toilet Paper Roll Craft

3. Using your hot glue gun, glue on the eyes, tic tac nose, scarf, and buttons or poms.

Toilet Paper Roll Craft

You will of course end up eating a few of the “noses.”  🙂

Toilet Paper Roll Craft


Toilet Paper Roll Craft

4. Next, draw on a mouth with the glitter glue pens.  You can also add other facial features like eye lashes or even glasses!


Toilet Paper Roll Craft

5. Bend the pipe cleaners and glue the ends to each side of the snowman’s head.  Then, glue a little pom onto each end of the pipe cleaner to make it look like a little pair of earmuffs.

Your snowman is complete!  Now keep making a few more so that you create an entire Snowmen Family.  Your kids could even use these as puppets and tell a story using them!

Snowmen Family Toilet Paper Roll Craft - this is a fun winter craft to do with the kids! Frugal and fun kids craft!


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