How to Make Wool Dryer Balls

How to Make Wool Dryer Balls

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Wool dryer balls are very handy because they help separate your clothing while drying. With increased aeration, more hot air reaches a larger surface area of the fabric, making it faster and more efficient to dry your clothes. Since you’ll speed up your laundry drying time, you’ll save money on your electric bill too!

This tutorial on how to make wool dryer balls is actually quite fun and easy; it’s a great DIY for the kids to help too! Not only will they enjoy making the wool dryer balls, my 3 year old loves finding them in my basket of clothes that I’m folding and runs to return them to the dryer for the next load!




Materials needed:

I wrote this tutorial as a guest post over on Living Well Mom.  GO HERE to read the full tutorial!

If you want to add some natural scent to your laundry, have a bottle of your favorite essential oil near by and put a few drops on each wool dryer ball before you add them to your load.  This will freshen your load, while you speed up your drying time!

One other trick I learned is to put a safety pin on your dryer balls which will help eliminate more static electricity in your clothing.

Now if this is a project you don’t want to tackle yourself, you can purchase your own wool dryer balls over here.


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