Indoor Grilling: Take Your Grilling Experience to the Next Level

Indoor Grilling: Take Your Grilling Experience to the Next Level

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Whenever someone talks about grilling, you usually picture a lush backyard with your closest friends and family enjoying themselves, and you handling the grill. Truly, there’s nothing better than a weekend like that.

However, not everyone can afford the backyard, or a front lawn, to have this amazing outdoor grilling experience. For those that cannot, the modern age has come up with an equally similar experience – indoor grilling.

Thanks to Faveable, you can discover the best indoor grills on their site and change the way you cook your food for the better. Save yourself from inhaling smoke and get on with the new and easy way of grilling food that’s actually safe.

So, let’s find out more about indoor grilling and how it can change your cooking experience for the better!

the difference between indoor and outdoor grilling

The Difference

First things first, let’s talk about the differences between indoor and outdoor grilling. An outdoor grill needs the right weather conditions and also a lot of prep. You need to use charcoal to heat the grill and then to control the temperature at all times, otherwise, your food will be overcooked.

With an indoor grill, there’s less hassle. It even cooks off the fat from the meat, unlike an outdoor grill where a large amount of protein survives the grilling. Electric grills have made grilling indoors much easier for those who can’t have the luxury of owning a lawn or a backyard.

Electric grills allow us to savor the nutrition, are very easy to set up, and can also have components that are dishwasher safe. All of this without losing any extra time after the slow preparation that is needed after an outdoor grilling session.

chefman indoor grill

What You Need for Grilling Indoors

The first thing you need for grilling indoors is, well, an indoor grill of your choice. There are contact grills that you can go for because they are less messy and easy to use.

In contrast, the electric grill is considered to be the best for indoor grilling. It is the safest and healthiest way for you to grill your food. It is also smoke-free, which means you won’t be a victim of smoke inhalation or carcinogens.

You have total control over your food. However, every type of indoor grill has its own advantages, so it’s best that you learn about them before you head out to buy one.

Luckily for you, you can learn about them right here in this article. Let’s go look at the different types of grills and get to know them better.

Electric Indoor Grill

As we have already given a small sneak peek on how an electric indoor grill works and the benefits it brings, let’s dive in a bit deeper for your mental satisfaction.

For starters (pun intended), you can grill vegetables, cheese sandwiches, and the best part – cook any cut of meat on it. The electric grill, as the name suggests, needs to be plugged into the wall.

However, most standalone grills like the George Foreman or Char-Broil grill and cooker were made for use in the kitchen. They will fit perfectly on your countertop, giving you the chance to have your own grilling station in your kitchen.

indoor grill

Indoor Grill

An indoor grill is your average indoor grill that has a large surface area for you to grill on. You’ll find these grills used in restaurants or diners. They can be used to fry up eggs, burgers, bacon, or anything that can be grilled.

They are also sometimes described as plain, old cast iron pans as well. The pan styled grills limit your grilling to two servings at a time, but the new grills make cooking much easier.

They are created in a way that allows you to use them over your gas stovetop. All you need is to warm it up with a bit of a flame and you can cook four servings at a time.

The best part – you can flip the tray over to give yourself a more authentic cooking experience.

Open Indoor BBQ Grills

Open Indoor BBQ Grills

These grills are very similar to the classic indoor grills that we mentioned previously. For example, the George Foreman grill is a good example of an open indoor grill, and the benefits it brings to your life are amazing.

It is a freestanding grill that has similarities with outdoor grills. You can cook for as long as you want on controlled temperature. The open design gives you the experience that you would normally get on an outdoor grill, but these grills are better and make the food you cook taste much better.

grill pan

Grill Pans

Last but not least – grill pans. Grill pans are considered the best type of indoor grills. These are cast-iron skillets that have ridges on them which satirize the grill or plates that normally fit over your average indoor stove.

You can place them over one or two gas burners. They will grill much better than any other small grills that are available on the market. The best part about these pans is that you can grill anything on them.

If you’re worried about food falling through the spaces then fear not, it comes with a tray that catches anything that falls over.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our article about indoor grilling gives you a clear idea about how easy indoor grilling can be when you know what to do. From cooking meat to grilling yummy vegetables, you’ll become an expert in no time, and this is a skill you can cherish forever.

Your whole meal planning routine will change when you learn indoor grilling. To better prepare yourself, look up easy recipes and make your own BBQ sauce, then impress your pals the next time they come over.

You can also learn more about indoor grilling by doing your own research and finding out all there is to know about it. The awesome part is that cooking food will be fun and so easy!

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