How To Save Money While Online Shopping!

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Many of us have had to switch to online shopping during this pandemic.  But that hasn’t been all that bad because we can save on gas while not driving to and from the store.  We are exposed to fewer germs.  And believe it or not, we can actually save more money with online shopping!

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Online Shopping Has Increased

Since the pandemic began, I can verify that my personal online shopping has increased.  This is hard to believe since I had Amazon trucks in my driveway almost every day anyway.  I bought every Christmas gift online.  I bought extra Christmas gifts because we had spent less money during the quarantine.  Because of that, we were able to make Christmas extra special.  This increase in online shopping isn’t just me either.  According to, online shopping increased significantly for the holiday season. The increase started on Black Friday and reached a 71% increase by December 5th before dropping down again.

Online Shopping Can Save Time and Money

The convenience of online shopping takes the cake in terms of why it has skyrocketed during this season.  Even though some of us have been either banned or hesitant from shopping retail in-store because of Covid, having items delivered to our door hasn’t been such a bad back-up when it comes to shopping. You just have to find out a product that you like and it’s conveniently delivered to your doorstep! It saves time, and saves on gas. Now, all we need to do is be sure to add these money-saving tips listed below, to make the online ordering process even better!

· Make a shopping list

The first step of online shopping is making a list and then sticking to that list. This way you will know what you really need and will avoid retail temptations and spending more than you should with impulse purchases. It is very easy to add extra items to your cart because they look awesome or are a good deal, but are not within your budget.  Be sure to constantly ask yourself if the item you are purchasing is a “need” item vs. a “want” item and say no to those “want” items unless there is room in your budget to pay for them.  Make it a priority to stay out of debt while shopping online!

· Keep an eye on your favorite products

Though this point may sound a little difficult to apply, you should keep checking the price of the product for a few days before actually buying it. Many websites offer different discounts on certain products on a regular basis. It may even be worth calling the brick and mortar store and asking when their next sales promotion will be and if it will also be offered online as well.

· Compare product prices

One of the best methods to save money while shopping online is to compare the price on different websites. Different websites offer different prices or deals. If you don’t want to miss them, it is important to price compare before buying anything.  We do this often between Lowes and Home Depot for home improvement items.

· Always check for cashback, discount and coupon codes

Most shopping sites have partnerships with major banks or credit/debit cards that may offer you cashback when using their card.  If you don’t have something like that available to you, then be sure to do a search for current sales or promo codes.  Sites like CouponzGurusa can get you some extra discounts for stores like Amazon, Best Buy, Old Navy, Expedia and many more!  They show you the sales and deals that online stores currently have going on so you can find the best price.

Now if you want to see a list of hard to find promo codes for specific items on Amazon – be sure to check out my hard-to-find Amazon promo codes list that I update weekly!  You can even sign up and have it delivered to your inbox each Friday!

· Free Shipping or Free Delivery is a Bonus

As you know, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can get free shipping in two days.  Walmart also has many products where you can also get items shipped in two days.  Sometimes you’ll come across a free shipping deal on a website if you spend a certain amount.  Also good to note:  if you are ordering a big-ticket item such as furniture, be sure to check the delivery fees, which tend to be high!  In some cases, it may be better to pick up the item from the store yourself if you are able.  It’s even better if they offer free delivery!

· Redeem your points, cashback, and other offers

There are several websites that offer points and cashback on successful transactions. Rakuten is one such site.  I’ve saved hundreds over the years by getting cashback offers when I’m shopping online.  It may not seem like a lot, but a 2% or 4% or even 10% savings can really add up!  If you have a credit card that gives you cashback, take advantage of that too if you can!  We use our Chase Freedom card to purchase everything!  I usually get between $50-$60 back each month that we use as “fun money” to get dinner out or pay for extra entertainment items.

· Shop Clearance After Any Holiday

Last but not the least, try to shop after any holiday and get items for that holiday for significantly cheaper. I always get Christmas wrapping paper, bows, Christmas decor items, Valentine’s that can be used next year, Halloween costumes that are on clearance, etc.  Last, but not least, the best time to get deals online are days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Amazon Prime Day.

If you have any online shopping money-saving tips of your own, be sure to share them in the comments section below!

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