Dollar Store Decor:  Wood Word Magnet Board

Dollar Store Decor: Wood Word Magnet Board

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Dollar Store Decor

Here is a very frugal and very cute Dollar store decor where I show you how to make a handmade decorative magnetic board by upcycling an oven cover from the Dollar Tree!

This DIY  magnetic board can be used to display inspirational or funny quotes, wooden words,  or your photos!

These are a good reminder to hang in your house right now as we all need some inspiration and encouragement!!

Stove Burner Cover 

Ribbon – about 5″ long (for hanging)

Scrapbook Paper

Glue Stick

Sea Grass Rope

Hot Glue Gun

Liquid Fusion

wooden words – I got “Laugh” & “Dream” & “Love” at Michaels

rare earth magnets

Dollar store decor

Dollar Store Makeover Decor:  How To Make Your DIY Magnetic Board:

You can get your stove burner covers at the Dollar Tree – 2 for $1!  There is a variety of “interesting” patterns, that in my opinion, I am very happy to cover up with some good looking scrapbook paper design instead.  🙂

You need to get your hot glue gun and glue on some thin white ribbon (about 4″ long) that you will use to hang your magnetic board when it is done.

Find a sheet of scrapbook paper that you’d like the background of your magnetic board to be.  Then simply trace the stove cover on the 12″ x 12″ scrapbook paper.

Cut out the circle – it doesn’t have to be perfect since we are covering the edge with sea grass rope.

Dollar store decor

Use your glue stick and smear it all over the back of the scrapbook paper.  Line up the paper to the edge of the stove cover and smooth the paper so that there are no wrinkles or air bubbles.

(This picture is from another one that I made using different paper and didn’t get a good photo of the polka-dot paper and glue stick.)

Dollar store decor

I sometimes need to use some small scissors and trim off any edges of paper that are hanging off of the edge a bit.

Dollar store decor

Then take about 5 inches of thin white ribbon and hot glue that to the back of the oven cover.  **Note:  if you live in a humid and warm climate, the hot glue may not be strong enough and you’ll need something more like Liquid Fusion to hold it.

Dollar store decor

Then cut the length of sea grass rope that will become the border of the oven cover.  The larger 10″ covers need about 31″ of sea grass rope.

Dollar store decor

Use your hot glue gun and glue the sea grass rope down every few inches.  This gives it a nice clean and finished look – and can cover up any imperfect cutting of the scrapbook paper.

Dollar store decor

Glue the rope down all the way around the edge and trim it so that it fits nice and tight so that the seam is not noticeable.

Dollar store decor

When it is hanging up, you cannot notice the seam at all!

Again, if you live in a hot and humid climate, then the hot glue will not hold the grass rope forever.  I also smear on a small bead of liquid fusion all along the outer edge and smooth it out with a cotton swab.

Dollar store decor

Then you’ll need to get two small rare earth magnets and use Liquid Fusion to glue them onto the back of your wooden word.

Dollar store decor

Dollar store decor

Let the magnets dry for a full 24 hours before attaching it to your magnet board.  But when you do, it will be so cute!

Dollar store decor

Here is mine in my guest room where I had lots of fun making over some old furniture.  Check out those guest room makeover projects here!

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