What to Buy and Not Buy in March

What to Buy and Not Buy in March

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You may have noticed that as soon as Valentine’s Day ended – in came pastel colored everything and gardening supplies into all the stores!

Now that spring is right around the corner, let’s see what March has for us in terms of good deals.

First, What to Buy in March…

1. Chocolates

Stores want to be sure all of the Valentine’s Chocolate is off of the shelf!  You can find discounted chocolate for as low as 75% to 90% off!  Just because it is wrapped in a heart shaped box, doesn’t mean its not edible through spring!  And you don’t have to tell me twice that its a smart time to buy chocolate.  😉

2. Snow Gear

Stores are ready to fill their clothing aisles with spring and summer apparel.  Now is the time you’ll find winter clothing and snow gear on the clearance racks.  Stock up on winter clothing and snow gear now – and you’ll be glad you did come November next year!

3. Frozen Foods

Did you know that March is National Frozen Foods month? That means we’ll see a ton of great coupons in the inserts and discounts in stores. Now that I know this, I’ll be on the lookout!  This is a great time to grab some frozen meals!  Speaking of frozen meals – have you checked out MyFreezEasy yet?  It is like the most amazing tool when it comes to helping you with meal planning and make ahead freezer meals!

4. Big Screen TVs

Every year big screen TVs get cheaper and cheaper. Now that tax refund season is upon us, TV companies want us to spend that refund to upgrade our TV!  Be on the lookout for great deals – check out some on Amazon now!

5. St. Patrick’s Day Merchandise

The best time to get any holiday related merchandise at a great price is the day after the holiday!  Wait until March 18th – and you’ll find plenty of green items that will cost you a lot less green than just the day before!

6. Seeds and Plants

Even though its not time to plant quite yet, gardening stores want us to plan ahead and offer great discounts on seeds.  If you start your garden from seeds, then starting indoors in March is the time to do it.  Check out Burpee.com – they are offering 20% off sitewide for a limited time!

7. Silverware and China

Wedding season is not until June. Christmas is over. The stores want to get some of their silverware and china stock cleared. If your dinnerware sets and cutlery are looking a little past their prime, now is a great time to refresh them all at a great price. Don’t forget that you can donate your old set to your local thrift store where someone who really needs them can grab them.

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What Not to Buy in March

1. Lingerie

Even though Valentine’s Day is over, there are not any major clearance deals on lingerie.  If you are looking for a deal on some new underwear, wait until June – when Victoria Secret has their semi-annual sale.

2. Spring Apparel

Spring clothing is just arriving in stores.  That means it will also be at full price for a couple of months.  Even though that cute spring outfit is calling your name – you’ll have to pay full price, and that’s just a shame.  (I’m a poet and didn’t’ know it! *eyeroll*)

3. New Smartphones

As the latest models are released, so is their expensive price tag. By all means use this time to start looking around for models you’d like to have, but give in to purchase just yet. Give it a few months and those full price phones will start falling in price.

4. Gym Memberships

New Year’s resolution gym discounts are over.  Gym’s won’t be offering special offers again until the weather gets nicer and more people are heading outdoors for their workout.  If you want a membership, wait for warmer weather and a better promotion.

what to buy in march

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