Valentine Gift ideas: Love Birds Painted On Rocks

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Valentine Gift Ideas: Love Birds Painted on Rocks! Gather some small pebbles, paint markers and a wood slab and you have an adorable gift or ornament or small wall decor. This rock art is SO EASY to make that you’ll want to make all sorts of bird scenes with this technique! #rockart #lovebirds #paintedonrocks


  • small flat pebbles. I found mine on the shore of one of the finger lakes in NY. You can also find these smaller flat pebbles in river beds. Just be sure you are in a public place where if you take a handful, you won’t get into trouble. Many parks have rules against taking anything out of the park (especially national parks), so gather wisely!
  • Small wood slabs (with pre-drilled holes for hanging)
  • Seagrass rope
  • Posca paint markers
  • Hot glue gun


  1.  Start by cutting a piece of seagrass rope to mimic a small tree branch.  Hot glue it on to the bottom of the wood slab.

2.  Painting the details on the birds is easy peasy!  Grab the red paint marker and paint on a small oval to make the stomach of the bird red.  Let it dry and add a second coat.  You may even want a third coat, but be sure it is fully dry or you’ll just end up wiping off what you already applied.

3.  You then need black dark paint for the eyes.  Just add a small dot for the eyes.

4.  Now it’s time to glue your birds onto their “branch.”  I just used hot glue.  If you live in a warm and humid climate all year long, you may need a stronger adhesive like Aleene’s Liquid Fusion.

5.  When the birds are fully dry on the wood, it’s time to add their small beaks.  I did use the Posca black paint marker and I kind of like how the beak turned into little heart shapes.  But if you want a more precise beak, you could get a fine tip Sharpie for this step.  The Posca markers work best on rocks – and Sharpies do work well on wood.

6.  My daughter found the heart stone exactly like that at the lakes edge! There was no extra carving needed to create that picture perfect heart. It was an amazing find! If you can’t find a perfect heart, you can find a pebble that has a slight indent in it, and use another pebble to carve it and make it deeper so that it better represents a heart.  Or an even easier alternative if you can’t find a perfect heart shaped pebble is to get a shiny heart-shaped stone like these.

7.  Add some twine for hanging and hang it where ever you desire to celebrate any love birds in your home!!  🙂




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