Thrift Store Books: Repurposed Wood Slab Christmas Ornament

Looking for DIY Christmas Ornaments?  This wood slab ornament is covered with lyrics and music from your favorite Christmas carols!  This homemade Christmas ornament is one kids can make and will turn into a new favorite Christmas craft!



  1. Whatever size wood slab ornament you have, go ahead and trace it on the music, especially over lyrics you want to show up on your ornament. When you cut it out, you will have to cut a few mm inside your line so it will nicely fit onto the wood slab.
  2. After you have cut out your music to match the slab, the generously cover the wood slab with Mod Podge.
  3. Next, place the paper on the Mod Podge and proceed to cover the paper also with Mod Podge.
  4. Then get some red or green glitter glue and squirt a bit on the top.
  5. Then use the paintbrush and spread the glitter glue and Mod Podge until it evenly covers the paper.
  6. There is a pre-drilled hole in these wood slabs so that you can add some twine for hanging this on your Christmas tree. I used the bottom end of my paintbrush to push through so that the hole could be used for hanging.
  7. The twine that came with these wood slabs was not precut. I got one long strand of twine. You will need to cut the twine the length you want it for it to hang.
  8. You can see after it dries, the Mod Podge turns clear and the glitter shines through!

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