Spring Topiary Tutorial Using Paper Flowers

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Spring Topiary Tutorial using Paper Flowers – this is an easy way to bring spring into your home! Use a scrapbook flower punch, pins, and a strofoam ball and you’ll have the best topiary to decorate your house for spring!



  • 1.  To start, grab your cardstock and punch out pink flowers.  You will need around 50 (or 4 sheets of scrapbook paper) for each artificial topiary.  This is the same flower paper punch I used over on this Spring Vase project.

2. Next you will need to punch out about 50 flowers out of clear vellum.  You will stack the vellum on the pink flowers.  The vellum gives shine and dimension to the topiary.

3.  If you don’t want the white background showing through from the Styrofoam, then you need to paint your Styrofoam ball first with pink acrylic paint.  Wait for that to fully dry before you add your flowers.

4.  Next, take a pair of vellum + pink flowers and pin them into the ball!  It’s really simple!  Experiment with bending up the vellum flowers just a bit to give it more dimension.

5.  Once your Styrofoam ball is full of flowers, then take the dowel and just stick it in the ball.  Add your foam cube to the inside of the pot you are using to hold the topiary, and stick the opposite end of the dowel into that.  Then to cover up the foam cube in your pot, grab some Spanish moss and hot glue it on top.

6.  One final touch is to add a complementary bow around the dowel – and then you are done!

These artificial topiaries are bright and spring like – and they help me forget the white stuff that hasn’t yet melted outside!


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