How To Make Simple Cold Brew Iced Coffee

How To Make Simple Cold Brew Iced Coffee – 3 ingredients, a strainer, and mason jar is all you need! This is the best summertime iced coffee recipe!


  1. 2/3 cups of ground coffee
  2. 1 tablespoon of brown sugar
  3. 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
  4. About 23 cups of water (can be cold water or hot water.)
  5. quart sized mason jar
  6. stainless steel fine-mesh strainer


  1. After the dry contents are in the jar, fill it with room temperature water, shake it up, and place it in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

2.  The next day, after your coffee has time to slowly “cold brew,” pull out your fine mesh strainer (not a paper coffee filter) and place it over your cold coffee cup.

3.  Open up your large mason jar (it may be a bit sealed and you may need a can opener to pop it off) and slowly strain your coffee into your glass. Then toss the coffee grinds or throw them into your compost pile.

4.  Add some ice cubes and add some cream (or milk or oat milk if or cashew milk) or whatever else you want to meet your personal preference for the perfect cup of coffee. I mentioned above that I’m personally addicted to Coffee Mate French vanilla flavored creamer – so I added just a splash of that as well. This will make 32 oz. of coffee, and I refill my 12 oz. mug almost 3 times throughout the day.

5.  I created a recipe card that you can use to pass out to friends or attach to a mason jar and give as a gift! This is perfect for a coffee loving friend who has a birthday in the summer so they can enjoy it on a hot summer day!



I don’t advise shaking up the jar before pouring. If you do, more coffee grounds will be floating causing your strainer to clog up faster.

You can also try adding different flavors or chocolate syrup and top with some whip cream to make this an extra special treat!

I do advise shaking up the jar once or twice while its brewing in that 24 hour time period (if you think of it – not 100% necessary) to be sure all of the flavor gets diffused from the ground coffee beans, but it is best to pour it when the grounds are settled in the bottom of the jar.

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