Origami Ornament Instructions For A Paper Wreath

Here is an easy DIY Christmas ornament with origami ornament instructions.  All you need is paper and string and you can make this easy origami wreath as part of your Christmas decor this year!


  • Thrift store book – Christmas themed or Christmas themed scrapbook paper.  
  • Twine or string


  1.  You will need 6 cut squares 10cm by 10 cm.  I cut out various pictures that I liked in Norman Rockwell’s Christmas book.   I also made another ornament using Christmas themed scrapbook paper.
  2. Once you have your 10cm X 10cm piece of paper, you will need to fold it in half.
  3. After you fold it in half, open it up and fold up the bottom of the paper to the crease you made from the first fold.
  4. Then you need to repeat that fold on the other side.
  5. When both top and bottom are folded to the center, you can go ahead and fold that in half.
  6. Be sure to make a strong crease of those folds and go over it again with your fingernails!
  7. Now that you have a sharp crease, you can fold down both corners to the bottom of the paper.
  8. Now fold it in half so both triangle ends meet together.
  9. This is the building block to the rest of the wreath. You now need to make six of these total by taking another 10cm X 10cm piece of paper and repeat all of the folds from steps #1-8.
  10. Then you will connect each section together by taking the tips of one section and place those inside the crease on the top of the 2nd section.
  11. Repeat that and add on the 3rd section. See the picture below to see how they connect.
  12. It will be a tight squeeze fitting in the 6th section, so you will have to loosen up some other sections a bit to fit it in.
  13. Then once all six sections are together, press them all together to tighten up the wreath as a whole.
  14. At this stage you can tie on some twine or string to hang in on your Christmas tree branch. You can also add a cute bow at the top.