Homemade Puffy Paint – Just 2 Ingredients!

Easy Kids Craft: Homemade Puffy Paint with Shaving Cream – you just need 2 ingredients!  A super easy and fun activity for your kids to use for picture making!


  • A can of shaving cream
  • A bottle of white glue (such as Elmer’s)
  • Food coloring (optional)
  • Stir sticks such as popsicle sticks


  1.  All you need to make your homemade puffy paint is to mix shaving cream and glue.  I recommend a 1:1 ratio of shaving cream and glue – but it doesn’t need to be perfectly 1:1.

2.  If you want to make 4 different colors of your own paint, then I recommend using splitting the shaving cream into 4 paper bowls (you can also use a paper plate). Then split up one bottle of liquid white glue between the 4 bowls so that each of the bowls gets a quarter of the bottle.

3.  Stir until the shaving cream and glue are mixed well.

4.  If you want some color, then go ahead and add a drop or 2 of food coloring to the bowl and stir until the color is smooth.


You will want to wait a few hours (even overnight) to let this fully dry so that you can touch it and it will be soft and puffy!

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