Wood Slice Craft Ideas: Wood Slice Placemat

DIY Placemat using wood slices – rustic or adirondack natural decor.



  1.  Start by taking your larger 2.5-2.8″ wood slice sizes and cutting them in half.  I used a chop saw for this.  (well actually, I don’t trust myself and my husband  sawed these for me.)
  2.  You will use these bigger pieces as your border.  You need to cut a few of the halves also in half to create quarter size pieces.  Those will be used for the 4 corner pieces.
  3.  Next, lay out all of your border pieces first before you glue.  You will have to move pieces around a bit like a puzzle to make sure the wood slice halves all fit just right and you may go over the edge a bit off of the felt.  The wood pieces can hang over the felt a bit, just as long as there is a bit of felt to glue the slab on.  You won’t need much hot glue on each piece to stick – just a dab or two on each piece is enough.
  4. I used the color green for my felt, but honestly, I wish I had gray or brown so that it would blend better with the wood.  If you have a color in your room you want to bring out a bit, then go ahead and use that!
  5.  The next step requires more piecing together of a puzzle so to speak, gluing on smaller wood slice pieces into the center until it fits.  Again, I recommend placing and arranging a few down at a time before gluing them to be sure it fits correctly.
  6. Display it with a mason jar and flowers, or with a picture like I did!
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