DIY Striped Washi Tape Frame Tutorial

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Here is a cute washi tape idea with this washi tape frame.  Pick out colors of washi tape you want around your frame and use it to add a pop of color to any room.  Place it on an end table or use it as washi tape wall art.



  1. Remove the back of the frame, as well as the glass and paper insert.
  2. Unroll a small amount of washi tape, and center it diagonally on one corner of the frame, about ½ inch in. Gently adhere the tape to the front, and the sides of the frame, then wrap around to the back of the frame. 
  3. When choosing colors, pick washi tape custom for the event, holiday, room colors, or personal preference.  While blue and silver are my favorite colors, the variety of colors that can be used for this washi tape art is infinite!
  4.  Use the scissors to cut the tape at the edge of the back of the frame.
  5. For the second strip of tape, unroll a decent amount of tape, then carefully place it about ½ inch under the other piece, on both the top and right sides of the frame. 
  6. Use the scissors to cut the tape right in the center. Then wrap each of the sides like you did in the previous step. For the piece that is wrapped to the front, you will want to wrap that piece up inside the frame too, so that you can see the tape in the front sides too. (See finished photos)
  7. Continue this process until you have wrapped tape across the entire frame.
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