Clear Plastic Ornament Filled With Christmas Carol Lyrics

A clear Christmas ornament with the song, "O Come, All Ye Faithful" inside.

Here is a cute way to fill a clear plastic ornament with Christmas carol lyrics!  Add a bit of Christmas themed washi tape and twine!  You can do this for all of your favorite Christmas carols!  



  1. Cut your Christmas carol lyrics and music into small strips. Be sure to keep the words in tact from the lyrics and the clefs of the music notes. You may have various sizes of strips and that’s ok.
  2. Once your strips are cut, it will be time to scrunch them up a bit and place them inside both sides of the clear ornament while it is apart. Try to make both sides look even and if you want the title of the carol to be able to be seen, be sure it is on the outside.
  3. Place both sides of the ornament together.
  4. You’ll have to make sure both sides of the ornament are lined up at the top for where the twine will go for hanging.
  5. Because these are cheap plastic ornaments, I’m not 100% convinced that they couldn’t come apart. So you can use some Christmas themed washi tape and wrap that around and seal off the ornament.
  6. Then you can thread a piece of twine through the top hole and tie a knot as the hanger or your ornament.
  7. Here is your finished ornament! You can do this with any Christmas carol lyrics you’d like. Since the clear plastic ornaments come in a pack of 10, you could make these using 10 different Christmas carol lyrics!
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