Wegmans Clearance:  BackPacks for Just $3.94!

Wegmans Clearance: BackPacks for Just $3.94!

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I was at Wegmans yesterday and glanced through some clearance items and found this gem – backpacks for as low as $3.94!  There were other backpacks for $9.94.

I grabbed one for $3.94.  I know my kids already have backpacks for this year, but I couldn’t pass up this deal.  If one breaks, I have a spare.  Or if my kids manage to get through the entire school year with their current one (with no breaks or major spills) then I’ll hang onto this one for next year!

What other clearance items are you finding at your Wegmans store?  I know clearance can vary store to store so I’d love to hear about what you find!

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