It’s TIME For Spring Cleaning (Day #1 Windows) + $120 Jord Wooden Watch Gift Card Giveaway – Ends April 1st!

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Who HATES Spring Cleaning?????   (I’d be the obnoxious kid in the classroom with my arm up saying “pick me, pick me – I hate spring cleaning!!!!)  But alas, even if we hate it,  it is TIME to start spring cleaning.

I know I’m not alone.  So why don’t we do this together – and maybe it will be a little bit less painful.

PLUS, I have a sweet giveaway as an incentive to join this 5 days of spring cleaning:

One lucky reader who joins along in this spring cleaning event will get a $120 gift certificate for a Jord Wooden watch.  This will make this TIME of the year a little bit less painful, don’t ya think???  🙂

 It’s a pretty hot watch if you ask me!!  Yes, that is my model of a wrist below.  I am an obsessive time keeper, and I used to be a daily watch wearer.  But then came along the cell phone in the back pocket that everyone now pulls out to check the time.  Even though that may be a new norm for many, I still think the traditional watch on your wrist is the best way to keep track of time!  Plus you will be totally stylin’ with this wooden watch!!

So here’s the plan – for 5 days, (starting today, and I’ll post every other day after that, because no one wants to clean a super duper annoying place 5 days in a row!) I’m going to recommend one pain-in-the-butt place to clean in your house.  I’ll clean mine and show you before and after pictures.  Then we can also share each others before and after pictures over HERE on my Facebook page!!  Spring cleaning is a much happier time when you have girlfriends sharing and cheering you along.

So here is your assignment for Day 1:  Clean a window.

I did say “A” window – that’s just one window (or maybe just one rooms worth)  not ALL of your windows.  We want to make this short and sweet each day.    🙂

sliding glass door before

My girls got some window markers awhile back – and have left just gorgeous kiddo decor on our sliding glass door for quite sometime now. I’ve totally overlooked it and probably haven’t noticed the last 6 months while it has been displayed. But now is the time for it to go.

sliding glass door after

 Alright ladies – your turn!  Go clean a window and share your BEFORE and AFTER pics over HERE on facebook!

And then fill out the rafflecopter form below to WIN THIS WATCH!!

on wrist

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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