Tidy Cats® Stop The Stank!   #EndStankFace

Tidy Cats® Stop The Stank! #EndStankFace

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Tidy Cats® Stank Face

Are you at risk of Stank Face? You know what Stank Face is…when you walk into a room with a stinky litter box and your eyes start to water, your face contorts into a crinkle, your lips curl up and you feel like you lost control of your face. Yeah – I’ll admit that I’ve had the face when I’ve walked into my basement where the litter box lays. It’s not fun. You know what is even worse if when you go to a friends house and you just know they own a cat….because well, a little bit of Stank Face creeps up on your face. Oh my – I certainly hope I’ve never been one of those friends where my guests need to hide their own Stank Face!


Whenever I start to suffer from Stank Face, I usually just go show my husband my symptomatic face and proceed to beg him to change the litter. He actually took over the chore of cleaning the litter box when I got pregnant with my oldest (7 years ago) since being around cat urine can carry disease that is unsafe for pregnant women. He has never given that job back to me – and I’m not about to point that out him an beg for my job back. But now that Tidy Cats® has litter with TidyLock™ Protection, I’m more likely to have my “Tidy Face” on instead of my Stank Face. I’m not the only one that has submitted awesome Stank Face photos. Check out more examples from other crazy cat lovers over here!


Tidy Cats® Stank Face If you are concerned that you may too be suffering from Stank Face, be sure to read the infographic above to help you identify the signs/symptoms. If you answered yes to having any of the signs, then my advice to you is to get Tidy Cats® with TidyLock™ Protection. TidyLock™ locks away odors so you and your loved ones can enjoy time at home without having to worry about Stank Face and litter box odor. This works so well that when my husband goes out of town next month, I won’t gag when I have to clean the litter box!

Tidy Cats® Stank Face Wondering where you can find this magical cure to Face Stank? I just picked up Tidy Cats® Lightweight Clumping Litter 24/7 Performance for Multiple Cats over at Walmart. It’s not hard to find! It’s also light weight – which is another huge bonus in my opinion!Tidy Cats® Stank Face Cat owners needn’t suffer from Stank Face in silence when a cure is readily available with Tidy Cats® with TidyLock™ Protection. There are even a couple of testimonials below of those who have fully recovered and can lead a normal life again!   #EndStankFace stank-face-testimony stank-face-testimony-2

Not only am I a huge fan of this product, I also love it when a brand can have a great sense of humor. Just for that reason alone, you should join the fun and show their Stank Face/Tidy Face photos using the hashtag #EndStankFace on Instagram, Twitter and/or Tumblr. When you do, PLEASE share them with me!! Hop over to my Facebook page and share your Stank Face images there as well!

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