Thanksgiving Meal Shopping – Tops vs. Wegmans Prices – Updated 11/10/16

Thanksgiving Meal Shopping – Tops vs. Wegmans Prices – Updated 11/10/16

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Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away.  Some of you are getting ready to get your meal shopping done.  If you are looking for the best price to pick up the most popular Thanksgiving prep items, then check out this comparison chart between Tops and Wegmans and see if you’d rather shop at one over the other, or hit up both for the best deals.

Looking for the best price for a Turkey?  Read here to compare between Wegmans, Tops, Walmart, Target & Aldi!

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 Wegmans PriceTops Price
Baby Carrots, 16 oz$0.99$1.25
Garlic, bulk$3.99/lb$3.99/lb
Green Onions, 1 bunch$1.49
Celery, Large bunch$2.50$1.25
Green Peppers$1.99/lb$1.99/lb
Onion, Vidalia Sweet$1.49/lb$1.69/lb
White Potatoes, 5 lb$1.99

$4.99 B1G1 Sale
Sweet Potatoes / Yams$1.49/lb$0.39/lb
Garden Salad Mix, 16 oz$1.49$1.29
Cherry Tomatoes$3.99
Ham, Pre-Glazed Baked$7.99/lbas low as $2.29 for Smithfield
$25 purchase required
$0.48/lb Lowest Price Guarentee
Biscuits$0.69 Wegmans Buttermilk, 7.5 oz$0.79 Tops brand
Butter, 1 lb$2.49 Wegmans brand$4.29 Tops brand
Canned Whipped Cream, 14 oz$2.19 Wegmans brand2/$4 Reddi Wip brand
Cream Cheese, 8 oz$1.69 Wegmans brand$1.00 Tops brand thru 11/21
Crescent Rolls, 8 oz$1.49 Wegmans brand$1.67 Tops brand Pillsbury thru 11/21
Chip Dip$1.99 Heluva Good, 12 oz$2.49 Heluva Good 12 oz; $1.50 for Bison brand starting 11/22
Eggs, Large 1 Dozen$0.99$1.00 thru 11/28
Half-n-Half, 1 pt$1.69$1.69
Milk, 1 gallon, 1%$2.18$2.99
Pie Crusts, 15 oz$1.99 Wegmans brand$2.50 PIllsbury brand thru 11/28
Sour Cream, 8 oz$1.29 Wegmans brand$2.00 16 oz Daisy thru 11/21
Heavy Whipping Cream, 8 oz$1.69 Wegmans brand$1.79
Cool Whip, 8 oz$0.99 Wegmans Brand$1.50 Tops brand
Pillsbury Frozen Pie Crusts, 2 ct.$2.99$3.29 Tops brand
Baking & Spices
Baking Soda, Arm & Hammer 1lb$0.99$0.89
Baking Powder, 10 oz$1.79 Wegmans brand$1.79 8.1 oz Tops brand
Brown Sugar, 32 oz$0.99 Wegmans brand$1.00 thru 11/21
Chocolate Chips, Wegmans brand, 12 oz$1.49$2.50
Corn Starch, 16 oz$1.29 Wegmans brand$1.49 Tops brand
Flour, 5lb$0.89 Wegmans brand$1.99 Tops brand
Vegetable Oil, 32 fl oz$1.79 Wegmans brand$2.49 Value Time
Powdered Sugar, 32 oz$0.99 Wegmans brand$1.00 Tops Brand thru 11/21
Shortening, Crisco, 16 oz$2.79$1.99 Tops 24 oz thru 11/21
Spray Oil, Canola$1.99 Wegmans brand$1.69 Valu Time
Sugar, 4 lb$1.39$1.99
McCormick Bay Leaf, .2 oz$3.99 Wegmans brand$1.25 Spice Classics
Cinnamon$2.49 McCormick Ground Cinnamon, 2.37 oz$1.25 Spice Classics
Nutmeg$4.99 McCormick Ground 1.1oz$6.69 McCormick Ground
Pumpkin Pie Spice$4.49 McCormick Ground 1.1 oz$5.69 McCormick Ground .6 oz
Sage$1.99 Fresh produce section .25 oz$5.69 McCormick .6 oz
Thyme$1.99 Fresh produce
$5.69 McCormick .7 oz
Other Grocery
Cake Mix$0.99 Betty Crocker cake mixes10/$10 Betty Crocker cake mixes
Canned Corn, 14.5 oz$0.49 Wegmans brand$0.50 Delmonte starting 11/22
Canned Green Beans, 14.5 oz$0.49 Wegmans brand$0.50 Delmonte thru 11/22
Canned Cranberries, 14 oz$0.99 Wegmans brand$1.25 Tops brand
Canned Mushrooms, 4 oz$0.89 Wegmans brand$1.00 Tops brand
Canned Pumpkin, 15 oz$1.49 Wegmans brand$2.59 29 oz Tops brand
Swanson Natural Goodness Broth, 14.5 oz$1.09$1.29
Gravy Mix$0.50 McCormick Gravy Mix$0.88 McCormick Gravy Mix
Pillsbury Frosting, 16 oz$1.69$1.29 Valu Time
Miniature Marshmallows, 10 oz$0.99$1.00
Soup (for casseroles)$0.79 Cream of Mushroom Wegmans Brand$0.69 Valu Time $1 for Campbells starting 11/22
Stuffing $1.25 Stove Top$1.79 StoveTop B1G1 sale
Bread Crumbs$1.99 Panko Wegmans brand 10 oz$1.00 Panko 8 oz
Poultry Seasoning$3.99 McCormick .65 oz$1.25
French Fried Onions, 6 oz$2.49 Wegmans brand$2.99 Tops brand

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