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Frozen Fever DIY Felted Mini Snowmen

Frozen Fever DIY Felted Mini Snowmen

frozen fever

 Frozen Fever DIY Felted Mini Snowmen

Who got to see this new short Frozen Fever?  I took my daughter to watch Cinderella a few weeks ago – and I honestly liked Frozen Fever better than Cinderella.  And Cinderella was a great movie!

When I saw the little sneezy mini snowmen – I just thought they were just so adorable!  I was brainstorming in the movie theater how we could make some at home – here is what I came up with:



frozen fever olaf and minis text2

Materials Needed:

White yarn

White or natural colored wool

Tub or Bucket

Dish Soap

Black and gray felt

White paint pen


frozen fever yarn balls

Felting process:

You will want to start with a yarn ball core. Not everyone uses a yarn ball as the core, but I do as it saves on using so much wool (which is more expensive than cotton yarn!)  You can purchase on Amazon.  You may be able to find it cheaper from a local wool fiber dealer.  I split up a bulk amount with a few other families and got I think 10 lbs for $20.

The only white yarn I had on hand was this tizzy yard – but it works just fine. I would up 4 larger balls for the body for 2 snowmen, and then 4 smaller balls for the feet.

Frozen fever pre felt
You will then want to get your wool and wrap some around the yarn ball in one direction, and a little more going in the other direction. You’ll want a few layers on there in a criss-cross pattern to better interlock the wool fibers. If you’ve never felted before – then watch this quick video. It’s super easy and fun!

frozen fever post felt

Here are my felted snowman body parts before they were completely dry. To get them to fully felt, throw them all in the dryer for about 45 minutes.  They will shrink a bit, so keep that in mind when you are determining the size of each wool ball.
Then I got out my glue gun and glued the snowman body together!  You may also want to re-inforce the head, arm & leg attachments with some needle and thread to be sure they are secure.

frozen fever mini snow man closeup

For the face, I cut out little uneven pentagons out of black felt. I had a dark gray felt for the mouth – and lighted it a bit with a white paint marker. I used the paint marker to highlight the snowman teeth.
I glued on the face – and the cute little guys are all done!

Then it was picture time with Olaf!  We did have the big Olaf Pillow Pal – that you can get over on Amazon

I want Elsa to sneeze a whole bunch more all over my house!!

frozen fever mini snowman collage


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