Save $2 on Crest Toothpaste Instantly at Sam’s Club Thru 9/16!   #CRESTxSamsClub

Save $2 on Crest Toothpaste Instantly at Sam’s Club Thru 9/16! #CRESTxSamsClub

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GREAT NEWS Sam’s Club Shoppers!!!

From now until September 16th, Sam’s Club shoppers can receive $2 off ANY Crest toothpaste at Sam’s Club stores with your Sam’s Club Instant Savings Book or instantly with online shopping. With back to school season in full swing, Sam’s Club is the perfect option to ensure you and your family are stocked up with Crest toothpaste for the upcoming busy months – leaving you free to spend more family time together.

This time of year, most families are dealing with the transition of a new season of schedules, which can feel overwhelming and complicated as we say goodbye to summer vacation.  I know that I am having to personally adjust big time because my youngest just entered Kindergarten!  That means my house is much quieter during the day, which is nice for my brain and work time, but still weird to adjust to.  It’s day #2 of being an official Work At Home Mom – and I’ve still burst into tears more than once thinking that toddler days are officially over at my house!

With transition, and roller coaster emotions for both parents and kids, one way to simplify your life is to make your shopping easier!   So that’s why today I want to talk about shopping in bulk, especially for items you regularly use.  Toothpaste is one of those items that we will be purchasing and using until the day we die – so we may as well stock up and save whenever we have the opportunity!

There is a great opportunity at Sam’s club, going on now thru September 16th where you can pay as low as $1.80 per tube of crest toothpaste!  You don’t even have to worry about searching for a coupon to get this price – because its part of an instant savings deal!


Check out the savings online HERE.

For me personally, I’m thrilled that I can still take advantage of this deal online.  The store that was closest to me recently closed.  I know many friends now who have kept their membership and have switched to getting their favorite items shipped to their home.  With the Sam’s Club PLUS membership, shipping is free!  In my opinion, that is way easier than driving and shopping and putting it all in your car and unloading – when the same stuff can be shipped to you for FREE (plus the savings on gas!)

This deal works with any kind of Crest toothpaste – even the more expensive Crest 3D.  A 5-pack of Crest 3D at Sam’s is $11.98 with these instant savings, making each tube $2.40.  If you were to buy a single tube at Walmart, it would be $2.78.  (check out the picture above!)  You get more toothpaste at a lower cost, which is why buying in bulk is so helpful when it comes to the grocery bill.

It just makes since to buy more at once and pay less per tube!!  Especially on toothpaste – which is something you will be using for the rest of your life and has a very long shelf life!

What a great price to take advantage of!  You could even buy two 5-packs and think ahead about stocking stuffers or donate some tubes for any upcoming holiday season giving events that collect hygiene products for those in need.

Crest, along with Oral-B is also the most recommended brands by dentists.  My husband recently came home from a cleaning with a baggie filled with Oral-B floss, Crest Toothpaste, and Crest Mouthwash.  He brought home quite the stash last week!  If Crest is what our dentist hands out to his patients, then I know I can trust this brand for my family – and will stock up and save whenever I can!

Want to see even more Instant Savings you can get at Sam’s Club this month?  Go HERE to see the list!

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