Easy Home Decor:  How To Use a Flower Loom

Easy Home Decor: How To Use a Flower Loom

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flower loom tutorial

Using a thicker twine, I just wrapped the twine around each post once.  If you have finer string or yarn, you can double up the looping and make double petals (see my turquoise flower at the top.)

flower loom tutorial

After your twine has been wrapped around each plastic post, you will need to make “stitches” around each petal to secure it in place. To do this, take your pink needle that comes in the kit and thread it under both sides of your first petal, and put the needle through to just one side of the next petal.  Then pull your twine tight until it pulls in the center.

flower loom tutorial

Then you will need to move to the next petal and do the same thing. You will do this 13 times until you go all the way around the flower.

flower loom tutorial

Here is when 6 petals are “stitched” and secured.  Each stitch forms a diagonal pattern in the center.flower loom tutorial

When you have all of the petals stitched in, then take your twine one last time and thread it through to the back.

flower loom tutorial

Here is one complete twine flower using a flower loom – front view.

flower loom tutorial

To completely finish it, tie off each end of the twine on the back into a knot.  Then your flower is done!

flower loom tutorial

I also wanted to embellish the flowers with some cute colorful wooden buttons.  You can leave your without buttons, or grab any sort of button or gem to make the center of your flower.  I just add these on with hot glue.  I have also used thinner hemp twine which was thin enough to wrap twice and make double the petals.

flower loom tutorial

Turquoise and tan are a great contrasting color combo that is great for rustic home decor.  You can see how I used each color above with 2 glass jars that would have normally been recycled.  Now I have very frugal rustic home decor using a flower loom!

I’ve made so many flowers, that I have also decided to turn them into magnets and add them as inventory to my Etsy Store – Magnet Menagerie.

These are super cute for your fridge, for magnet boards, or for magnetic photo frames!

How To Use A Flower Loom

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  1. These are awesome, I have been looking for a loom just like this… where did you find yours? I REALLY WANT ONE FOR A SPECIAL PROJECT I HAVE IN MIND!!!!

  2. These remind me of a similar flower loom I bought, oh, at least 30 years ago. It was metal and had no size options. I used yarn to make hundreds of flowers and crocheted them together for a bedspread for my mother. She used it frequently and when she moved into a nursing home, it came back to me. Yarn would give you many color options for your magnets and match your decor easily. Thanks for reminding me of a fun summer project and the warm memories!

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