Plumb Exhale CD Giveaway – Ends 5/13/15!

Plumb Exhale CD Giveaway – Ends 5/13/15!

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Lyrics from Plum Exhale CD - Quote from my FAVORITE Song "Smoke"


I’ve been a fan of Plumb since they started (and as my daughter would say – in the olden days back in the 1900’s!).  Yes, I believe I owned Plumbs very first album back in 1997.  I’m thrilled that this band is still making music, and just released, as of yesterday 5/4, their newest album – EXHALE!  

I have had the blessing of listening to it already and I just love it!!!!!

If you listen to Christian radio (especially KLOVE) – then I’m sure you will be familiar with at least one Plumb song on this album – “Lord I’m Ready Now.”  There are some way awesome songs on this album!  It is hard to choose, but my favorite song that I just keep playing and re-playing while in my car is “When You Walk Into The Room.”  We’ve been singing this one at church too, so I was familiar with the lyrics already.  Plumbs version is very powerful and uplifting.


About PLUMB:

Tiffany Arbuckle Lee, better-known by her stage name Plumb, is a songwriter, recording artist, performer and author. Plumb has sold more than 500,000 albums and over two million singles worldwide, co-penned songs for numerous other artists, including Michelle Branch, Mandisa, Mandy Moore, Jaci Velasquez, and Natalie Grant, and had music placed in many films and television shows.Originally signed as a Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) recording artist in 1997, Plumb is now known as well as or better in alternative rock, electronic dance music, and for the use of her music in film and television than she is in the CCM market.
About the album:
EXHALE, the seventh studio album from acclaimed multi-genre singer, songwriter and author PLUMB, expresses a new focus and vision. After the runaway success of NEED YOU NOW (the album, title track and book), which coincided with her own moving story of brokenness and ultimately healing, Exhale brims with worshipful songs of gratitude and hope.

The defining concept of EXHALE was born from a sermon at Plumb’s home church, wherein her pastor Pete Wilson expressed the notion that the Church doesn’t exist for itself. Rather, believers come to church to breathe in grace and truth, be changed, and then go out and “exhale” that hope into their surrounding community.

“That idea of exhaling hope hit me right away and I couldn’t get to the Notes section on my phone fast enough. I started writing the chorus of Exhale right then and there,” explains Plumb. “I have been made new by the ultimate hope, and I want to share and exhale that hope in everyway I can.” 
You can order this Plumb Exhale CD over on Amazon for $11.99.

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Even though I said that overall “When You Walk Into the Room” is my favorite song on this album, my favorite set of lyrics are from the song “Smoke.”
 Lyrics from Plum Exhale CD - Quote from my FAVORITE Song "Smoke"

I’m thrilled about this new giveaway that I have to offer to one of my readers – one of you will win a copy of this Plumb Exhale CD!!

Click on and fill out the rafflecopter form below for your chance to win!


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23 Responses to Plumb Exhale CD Giveaway – Ends 5/13/15!

  1. I love Plumb, too! Mary and I spent most of college scouring Christian bookstores’ boxes of free promotional posters for the album cover art from that first album! I still love her stuff and the new album is hanging out in my Amazon cart right now, in fact! But winning it would be even better!

  2. I’d like to win so I have another “safe” cd to listen to in the car when my little ones are riding with me, that isn’t Disney. 😉

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