How To Save On Entertainment & Where to Get Extra Money For A Date Night!

How To Save On Entertainment & Where to Get Extra Money For A Date Night!

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Join us for Day #10 of the 20 Day Budget Bootcamp! How To Save On Entertainment & Where to get Extra Money for a Date Night

I’m going to start with a list of ways to find some free or cheap activities that you can choose to do instead of forking out $50 for a family to see the movies (plus another $20 for the ridiculously priced popcorn!)

1.  Become a tourist of your own city and do research on free parks and museums.

2.  If you have an amusement park near by that you love – consider getting a seasonal pass.  You’ll save a ton if you visit often!

3.  Look for entertainment coupons in an Entertainment book or look for deals on Groupon!

4.  Be willing to host dinners and events at your house.

5.  Get rid of cable and start using streaming services like Netflix, Pureflix, or stream movies & tv shows through Amazon Prime.

You can also just earn some extra cash online to pay for whatever entertainment activity you are looking to do.  It’s a great way to save on entertainment!

Do you want some extra spending money so you can go out for a nice dinner and movie and not worry about going over budget?  You can if you are willing to fill out some surveys online!

Here is a list of survey companies looking for new participants right now:

  1. Surveys2Pay
  2. Inbox Dollars
  3. Pine Cone Research
  4. Reward Survey

You will want to set up an account and fill out surveys on their site. They will also e-mail you when opportunities come up to fill out a survey.  Some of them will take you 5 minutes, others up to a half-hour.  You GET PAID for filling out these surveys!  Some you will make $5, others up to $75!

Companies gather this information so that they know how consumers think about certain products.  They change food labels or advertising or shelf placement on store shelves based on the answers we give.  They do sometimes look for a specific age group or location demographic, so you have to qualify for what they are looking for in order to complete the survey and get paid.

They have these survey companies in malls too.  I know I’ve gone to my mall and taken a survey and got like $10 cash so then my lunch was paid for that day.  🙂

What about you?  Do you have tips you want to share on how you save for entertainment?  What survey companies have you gotten the best luck with in terms of qualifying and payment?  Come and tell us about it in our Budget Challenge Facebook Group!

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How To Save On Entertainment

20 Day Budget Challenge: Where to Get Extra Money For A Date Night - well this sounds easy enough and really works!

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