Need an Old Navy Promo Code?  How To Find One When Google Fails You!

Need an Old Navy Promo Code? How To Find One When Google Fails You!

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If you are like me, then you love shopping online.  One of my favorite places to buy clothes is Old Navy, but it’s a 35 minute drive from my house and I’d rather just browse online.  (Yes, that’s why my introverted self enjoys blogging in front of a computer all day!)  Plus one perk of shopping online is hunting for a promo code for extra savings.  We’ve all been through it before. You’re checking out, and that empty promo code box is staring you in the face.

You need to find a code. But that can be challenging. Maybe you jump on google and search for Old Navy promo code for example, and are taken to a deal site with a promo code that doesn’t’ work!  That happens all too often!

old navy promo code

I don’t know about you, but I never click “checkout” without searching for a promo code first.  I mean come on – I’m a deal finder.  I want a promo code – and I want one that works!!!   But how can you find promo codes for stores like Old Navy that don’t offer many? You just need to know where to look.  Today I’m going to show you some tips of finding promo codes that will get you the savings you are looking for!

old navy promo code

1)  Sign up for the Old Navy email newsletter

Like almost all retailers, Old Navy offers a promo code in exchange for signing up to receive their email newsletter.

From the homepage, you can scan down to the bottom of the page and “Sign Up for E-mail” or wait until a box pops up asking if you want to save 30% by signing up for e-mail newsletters.

The box above is what popped up on my screen after a few seconds on the site.

Pro Tip: Sign up for Old Navy emails towards the beginning of the month – you’ll have longer to use your code!  Even if you already get e-mails to your personal e-mail account, add your spouses e-mail or a second e-mail address to still get a promo code.

So, you have to wonder… if anyone who signs up for the Old Navy newsletter gets a code, there must be thousands of them out there that potentially have never been used.

Well, that’s where coupon sites come in. Gracious deal hunters share their codes with other smart shoppers very often on coupon and deal websites, making them the ideal place to find working promo codes when you need them.

2)  Search coupon sites for single-use codes

To find an Old Navy promo code on a coupon site, some would turn to Google. A simple search leaves me here:

old navy promo code


Naturally, it returns a great deal of results – and they’re all coupon sites. But not all coupon sites are created equal. Which one is the best for finding Old Navy promo codes? I compared some of the top results with my favorite tool, Dealspotr, to find out.

For research’s sake, I’m going to take a look at RetailMeNot, Coupon Cabin, and Dealspotr. I head to the Old Navy page on each site by doing a quick search:

old navy promo code

old navy promo code

old navy promo code

One thing I notice is that each page lists the same site-wide code, good for an extra 30% everything at Old Navy.  They all have a sitewide 20% off promo code that looks like lasts longer than the 30% off sale.

Now what if I didn’t missed that 30% off sale, but wanted to find an un-used single use promo that someone else may have gotten in their e-mail but never used.  Do all of these coupon site offer these?

I again looked at,, and  The only coupon site that had a plethera of single use promo codes (there are many more than just 2 listed!) was over at Dealspotr.

old navy promo code


So why are there there single use promo codes over at Dealspotr and not on the other coupon sites that Google told me to go to in the beginning?  Well because you can earn Amazon gift cards from Dealspotr for sharing your un-used promo codes with others to use in the Dealspotr community!

The image above shows just 2 single use codes – but if you go look on a search for yourself – there are over 20 single use codes listed (as of the day I wrote this).  Go look for yourself!

Now the next question you might be asking is “Will these single use codes actually work?”  I mean, there have been plenty of times I’ve tried a code from and I just get an error that says “invalid code” or “expired code.”  Just the other day my dad was complaining to me about a code he found at did not work.  I know his pain.

So let’s test one of these single use promo codes from over on Dealspotr.

old navy promo code



Here is a cute blouse I’d love to snag from Old Navy!

old navy promo code

So now I have this code from Dealspotr that I can just easily click to “copy” and use it over at Old Navy.

To the right, I can see that a Dealspotr user has “validated” the deal, which means they’ve tested the code on the Old Navy website to make sure it works. So I’m pretty confident this will work.

With one click, I copy the code – another click takes me back to the Old Navy website. I head over to my cart, and enter the promo code in the box:

I click apply, and cross my fingers….

old navy promo code

To my delight, the code worked!  I saved $6.60 – which pretty much covers my shipping cost.  SCORE!

3)  Stay up to date on social media

Old Navy, being a well-known brand, also has a strong presence on all its social media feeds.  You can also find sales and promo codes when you follow their solcial media!

Here is one recent Facebook post about a sale on pants:
old navy promo code

Or follow Old Navy on Twitter to stay up-to-date on sales and promo codes.

old navy promo code

The Twitter account also shows current sales.  Hopefully that means promo codes will pop up in the feed too when they are available!

4)  Get An Old Navy Credit Card

Another side note – if you have a credit card for Old Navy, they will also send you mailers that have promo codes that are just for card holders!  I usually get them every couple of months or so – more often during the Christmas shopping season.  😉

5)  Bookmark this tool

Hopefully, today I’ve showed you that there’s never a reason to leave that promo code box empty when shopping at Old Navy. Use these expert techniques, and get more discounts more times you checkout.

Oh, and don’t forget to bookmark this site, Dealspotr. With 5 million coupons and advanced code-finding tools, more pros use Dealspotr to find coupons than any other site.

Bonus – get 2,000 points if you sign up as a member. Members can subscribe to Old Navy for deal updates as they come, and earn points for sharing deals that help other shoppers save.

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