Norwex Tips:  What’s on Sale in April!

Norwex Tips: What’s on Sale in April!

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For those of you who haven’t tried Norwex cleaning cloths to do your cleaning, then check out the demo video below on what totally sold me and realized that I MUST have this in my home:

Norwex Tips: What’s on Sale in April:

  • Spend and Get deals this April 2020! Spend $99 and get the Microfiber Cleaner Laundry Booster for $15!
  • Shop Sustainably:  1 reusable produce bags (set of 3), stainless steel straws (set of 4) and cleaning brush, 1 reusable grocery bag for $38.99 (normally $44.96)
  • Chemical-Free Shine: One large window cloth mop for $26.69 (normally $32.99)


If you are already a Norwex user, then you already know how awesome it is, so I just want to be sure to share with you what is on sale this month!  Norwex isn’t just about one kind of cleaning cloth.  They have hundreds of products that help keep your home clean – without using toxic chemicals!!!

April 2020 customer specials

Norwex Tips

Be sure to join my VIP Norwex Facebook group.  I select random party “hosts” who will get free Norwex products with the accumulation of these online sales

Want to know why Norwex Microfiber clothes are better than ones you can buy at any other store?  Check this out:

Here are some other great ways I use Norwex in my home:
How To Clean The Interior Of Your Car In Record Time Without Spray Cleaners or Paper Towels

How To Shave Your Legs Using Just Water – Say Goodbye To Shaving Cream & Bar Soap for Good!

Tired Moms: Here Are The Top 5 Secrets to EASY Spring Cleaning!

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Norwex Tips


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  1. My wife just recently purchased some of the Norwex towels and cleaning cloths. They are amazing, I wouldn’t go back to regular towels ever again! Highly recommended. Their other products also deserve a look!

  2. I’m a fan of the Norwex products. Love how the washcloths have silver embedded into them as a natural antibacterial agent. Keeps them from smelling mildewy!

    • Norwex has silver embedded in their fibers to decrease bacteria and mildew growth. I’ve added an infographic into the post to help explain!

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