Norwex:  What’s on Sale in February!

Norwex: What’s on Sale in February!

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For those of you who haven’t tried Norwex cleaning cloths to do your cleaning, then check out the demo video below on what totally sold me and realized that I MUST have this in my home:


If you are already a Norwex user, then you already know how awesome it is, so I just want to be sure to share with you on what is on sale this month!  Norwex isn’t just about one kind of cleaning cloth.  They have hundreds of products that help keep your home clean – without using toxic chemicals!!!


If anyone is interested in hosting a Norwex party right on Facebook – here are the amazing Norwex products you can get sent to your house for FREE:  (leave me a comment if you are interested in hosting!)

Here are some other great ways I use Norwex in my home:
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