Motorola MBP867 Baby Digital Video Baby Monitor Review

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I have a cool baby product to tell you about – the Motorola MBP867 video baby monitor.

The Motorola MBP867 is a wireless video baby monitor that will help you to keep up with your day-to-day tasks, while keeping a watchful eye on your baby!

With a large screen and motion, sound and temperature alerts, this monitors have everything you could need in a baby monitor, allowing you to keep a watchful eye and still getting through that never-ending to-do list!


• 2.4GHZ

• 7” color TFT LCD • 800×480 resolution

• H.264 video compression

• Touch buttons

• Infrared night vision

• Easy installation by BLE

• Remote 720P video streaming

• Free Motion, Sound and Temperature Alerts

• Price: $279.99

Buy on Amazon for just $199!

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I didn’t have a video monitor with my first daughter.  I got mixed feedback when talking with moms when I made my baby registry the first time around.  I guess because I’m generally a practical person, I didn’t think having the video part to the monitor was a necessity, especially since I had good mom friends who agreed with me.  So we lived with and had gotten by with just a sound monitor.

BUT, I got a little wiser when my second daughter came along and got a video monitor.  I would now tell every mom I know, that it’s totally worth getting the extra bonus feature of the video screen for a baby monitor!!

Here’s why:

1.  Well the most obvious reason is that I can SEE my baby, and not just hear.  I can now tell if the reason she isn’t settling down is because she lost her pacifier.  Or if she’s just cranky – and then I can let her settle down on her own.  (I wish these monitors had a smell sensor – so I could tell if it was a diaper that needed changing instead!)  🙂

2.  PLUS, this monitor has a two way talk feature.  It has been SO convenient to talk to my husband or vise versa about what to do if our baby was not settling down.  Most of the time this conversation happens in the evening when my husband and I are desperately trying to get some kid free relaxation time in.  One of us attends to kid/toddler needs, which is 2 floors up from our family room (our relaxation room).  We can also now see if big sister (who is now 5) is up talking and keeping baby sister awake!  I just push the talk button and tell my oldest to get back into bed!  My oldest doesn’t like that there is an extra set of eyes in their room so she can’t get away with anything!!

3.  There is also a temperature sensor on it.  During these hot summer nights, we have been adjusting how much or how little to cover our kiddos up, or whether we need the AC on, or just a fan pointing their way. During nap time in the afternoon, the temperature gradually increases, so I can keep track of when I need to again adjust the fan or AC.

4.  This monitor also comes with crystal clear night vision, and a lullaby button if your baby settles down with music.


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Our 2 year old is still sleeping in a pack-n-play.  For awhile she was getting her feet stuck in the crib and would wake us up – so the pack-n-play solved that.  Now she’ll cry for awhile if we put her in the crib and we haven’t set aside a night where our brains could handle that to move her back.  So pack-n-play it is for now.   She has recently been putting her leg up in an attempt to escape.  I love having the monitor so I can tell her no – or go get her before she gets hurt!

One other cool feature is that you can take pictures using this monitor!  I don’t have an SD card that fits it – but I’ll have to get one.  We can take cute kiddos making trouble in action!!  🙂  I caught my daughter peeling that cute tree decal off the other day.  Lucky I caught that one it time!!!

In terms of using the screen, I wish the the arrows were closer together.  It was awkward for me to switch modes and use all of the features.  I guess I’m so used to close keys on the laptop and cell phone that this seemed unnecessarily awkward.  That’s really the only inconvenient thing about it though – this really is a great monitor!

Overall – if you are looking for the latest and best when it comes to video baby monitors – this is it.  It is missing one feature though – using the camera with the Hubble app.  If you want the convenience of using the Hubble app with a monitor, I would recommend upgrading to the Motorola MBP854CONNECT.  That way you can connect the camera to your phones wifi – and use your phone as the screen.  You won’t need to worry about carrying around the monitor screen and your phone – just your phone or tablet!

The practical side of me makes it so I’m not convinced that every new mom needs something this extravagant to keep watch of their baby in another room.  But, it is VERY convenient – and if you are going to put a monitor on your registry, you may as well go big or go home!!  Request this one ladies – and you’ll have peace of mind that all is well with the baby in the other room!


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**Disclaimer:  I was given a free monitor for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own!



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  1. No the camera does not move up and down. I got 2 camera’s with my monitor and i have them both set up to split screen.

  2. I was wondering if you can put one camera in one room and the other in another, or if they both have to be in the same room?

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