Get The World’s Smallest High Back Booster Seat 44% off Thru 8/31!

Get The World’s Smallest High Back Booster Seat 44% off Thru 8/31!

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I want to tell you about a product that the makers of mifold made that was just released July 31st:  It’s called the hifold! 

This is a highback version of mifold.  hifold is the world’s most compact, portable and adjustable highback booster ever invented, and it’s just as safe!


What makes hifold so special is that it is super easy to store and even easier to carry around!  Those are the 2 biggest pain points of having a booster seat is that they are annoying to lug around and store, especially when you need to switch them into different cars – like when the grandparents are driving!

The hifold is also:

  • Ultra-Compact Size – the hifold is lightweight, foldable and portable – 3x smaller than a regular highback booster when folded!
  • Super Safe – the hifold is designed, engineered and tested to meet or exceed the regulatory requirements of every country on earth, with eight ultra-compact impact protection zones and four layers for protection, safety and comfort.
  • Totally Adjustable – the hifold is the most adjustable high back booster seat available, with adjustable height, lap and shoulder width, and head rest.
  • Patented Design and Advanced Engineering
  • Soft and Comfortable – the hifold features soft, comfortable PU foam with airflow washable fabric™ and an energy absorbing, dense EVA foam layer for added comfort and support.

If you decide you want a hifold for yourself – be sure to get one through this link and you’ll save 44%!  You’ll pay $94 instead of $179!  This deal is only good through 8/31/18!

What a great investment to make in your child’s safety – especially since this is a product that can be used for multiple children, will be used for years, and is so compact!!!


2 Responses to Get The World’s Smallest High Back Booster Seat 44% off Thru 8/31!

  1. That’s honestly really cool. I watched the whole video on FB and I have to admit that with my youngest getting closer to aging out of a regular car seat, it would be nice to have one of those around for grandparents, etc., to minimize the temptation of going without “just this once” when we’re traveling or switching cars. Their video is right, too–instead of paying to rent a seat with a rental car, it’s just as cheap to buy one of theirs! Definitely something to keep in mind!

  2. This is such a wonderful thing! Look how small it is! You can take it anywhere within a diaper bag or purse and it meets all regulations! | Maura White Google + Page