Lorex Sweet Peek Video Baby Monitor Giveaway – Ends 8/7/13 ($180 Value!)

Lorex Sweet Peek Video Baby Monitor Giveaway – Ends 8/7/13 ($180 Value!)

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Lorex Video Baby Monitor Giveaway


Lorex Video Baby Monitor Giveaway

I am so THRILLED about this giveaway and have been for awhile now!  A couple months back, Lorex agreed to let me reivew their new Lorex BB2411 2.4-Inch Sweet Peek Video Baby Monitor with IR Night Vision and Zoom (White).

I didn’t have a video monitor with my first daughter.  I got mixed feedback when talking with moms when I made my baby registry the first time around.  I guess because I’m generally a practical person, I didn’t think having the video part to the monitor was a necessity, especially since I had good mom friends who agreed with me.  So we’ve lived with and gotten by with just a sound monitor.

BUT, now that I have one for my second daughter, I’d tell every mom I know, that it’s totally worth getting the extra bonus feature of the video screen for a baby monitor!!

Here’s why:

1.  Well the most obvious is that I can SEE my baby, and not just listen.  I can  now tell if she just lost her pacifier and is crying, or she still has it and probably has a gas bubble, or is kind of sleeping, but moving, etc.  When I think back to my first daughter, I would have loved it so I could have caught her in time when she was making awful teeth marks, while chewing on her crib side!

2.  PLUS, this monitor has a two way talk feature.  It has been SO convenient to talk to my husband or vise versa about what to do with Molly if she’s not settling down.  Most of the time this conversation happens in the evening when my husband and I are desperately trying to get some kid free relaxation time in.  One of us attends to Molly if she starts crying, which is 2 floors up from our family room (our relaxation room).  We can then decide if whoever lost the coin toss is staying up in our room to settle her down, or bringing her down to the family room with us to feed her.

Back to when my older daughter was chewing on her crib, I would have loved a little button that would talk to her and tell her “NO!”

Plus I’ll love it when Molly is old enough to try and crawl out of the crib – I can again address the situation before stomping into her bedroom.  🙂

3.  There is also a temperature sensor on it.  During these hot summer nights, we have been adjusting how much or how little to cover Molly up, or whether we need the AC on, or just a fan pointing her way. During her nap time in the afternoon, the temperature gradually increases, so I can keep track of when I need to again adjust the fan or AC.

4.  This monitor also comes with crystal clear night vision, and a lullaby button if your baby settles down with music.

**When you first get the monitor, put the camera and screen near each other while they are on.  You’ll get some fun Star Trek sounding feedback – very amusing for a 4 year old!  🙂



Lorex Video Baby Monitor Giveaway

 Right now Molly is sleeping in a pack-n-play bassinet, so we just have the video camera mounted above her head.  I actually just used a Command Hook double sided sticker to keep it on there.  When Molly moves to the crib in a few months, then we will have a more permanent mounting of it on the wall (which it comes with hardware to do so.)



Lorex Video Baby Monitor Giveaway



Lorex Video Baby Monitor Giveaway

 So yes, we do right now just get to see the back of her head the way the camera is set up – but we still love being able to see even from this angle!


I grabbed this image off of the Lorex Baby Facebook page.  It is a nice summery of the features the monitor display has on it.  (hint:  you should just like the Lorex Facebook page while you are there – you’ll need to to enter the giveaway anyway!:)

To sum up, I can’t find anything bad about this product.  I would and will tell all of my expecting friends to get one!  If you don’t win this giveaway, you can get one on sale at Amazon right now for $99, down from $179.99!  That is one of the best prices I’ve seen for a video monitor!

Take your chance of getting a free one though first by entering the giveaway, using the rafflecopter form below:

You’ll first have to leave a comment at the bottom of the post.  Then click on the green button that says “I Commented” and other giveaway entry opportunities will pop up for you.  


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129 Responses to Lorex Sweet Peek Video Baby Monitor Giveaway – Ends 8/7/13 ($180 Value!)

  1. would love to win this for a gift for a friend whom is due in september i know she could use this!

  2. We are moving from a 2 bedroom apt to a 3 level townhouse in a couple of months and this would be perfecft to keep an eye on my little one who is 5 months.

  3. I would love to win because this sounds like the perfect video monitor! I have been searching for one extensively since our daughter was born in January, and with all of the features described in this blog post, I’m sold! Thanks so much to Maura and happydealhappyday.com for the great review! 🙂

  4. I’d love to win this for our new little one on the way! I never had one with my two older girls so it would be great to have one for this baby!

  5. Definitely wanted to get a video monitor but didn’t want to spend the money! Would love to win this for little Melody!

  6. I just love to win things and while I am so done spying on my little people, I have a friend who is pregnant with her first child so I would love to surprise her with this gift.

  7. I’m having my first baby and getting all the gear for the first time is really expensive! But I still want all the best things for my baby. I’d love to win this!!

  8. I am pregnant with my fourth, and with my third I splurged and bought a video monitor, but it broke (it was dropped). I can’t justify going out and buying another one, because they’re so expensive, and not an absolute necessity, but I would LOVE to have one again – it was so nice and helpful to watch my baby and see what he was up to. I hope I win it!! 🙂

  9. My husband thinks that we will need a video monitor for our kids when we have them next year.

  10. Just found out i’m going to be a 1st time mom and would love to start learning about and receiving products and recommendations!

  11. Awesome review, Maura! Loved your thoroughness and clarity & makes me want one (even though my childbearing days are gone!) So, I will enter the giveaway in hopes of winning this for my SIL who is expecting in November! Thanks again 🙂

  12. with two babies under two that would be exactly what i need to keep an eye on them 🙂

  13. I got a baby monitor at a garage sale for $3 that lasted through my first 3 babies. Had to get rid of it after kid #3 – the wiring was starting to go. Sooo… for any future babies, it’s one of the few things on my list I will definitely need! Would be pretty nice to get a video monitor!

  14. would love to win this to help me keep an eye on my children one has autisim ,so theres alot of safety issues alone with that this would help me out alot to keep a better eye on him thanks !

  15. I would love to win because we are having issues with a child staying in bed at nap time and this would help us keep a better eye on what she is up to.

  16. We are expecting our first baby in January so I would love to win this so we could keep on eye on him/her!

  17. Oh this would be so perfect! I get so nervous not being able to see him in the crib! I keep checking all night long and this would make it so much easier!

  18. love that I would be able to talk to toddler through the monitor, “stop jumping and go to sleep!” 🙂

  19. I am taking online classes, but have a newborn baby. I would love to be able to put her in her crib and be able to see her while I work on school work, housework, or even my blog.

  20. I would love to give this to my niece, who is expecting her first child. She is so nervous about becoming a mom and I think this would be a tremendous help to her

  21. To keep a close eye on my little girl. I love the crystal clear night vision and 2 way audio!

  22. To keep an eye on my 9 month old and 2 year old during nap and bedtime. I’ve wasted so much money on monitors that stop working or junk out – I need a good one.

  23. We want to start putting out little guy to bed in his own room and would love to have this to keep an eye/ ear on him.

  24. I need to keep a watchful eye on my girls as we begin putting them in the same bedroom. It would be great to have a video monitor and two-way talk feature.

  25. The ease of checking on a sick little one, or just the ease of looking in on without going in and possibly disturbing him.

  26. Safety reasons. This would put my mind at ease when baby is sleeping and I’m in the other room!

  27. for my niece who is diabetic and can have problems getting around so this would help her watch her new baby she is due in Oct.

  28. I would love to win this for my 8 month old. We are trying to transition her to her crib and having a hard time, it would be nice to be able to see her on a video monitor.

  29. I would love to win the because my cousin really needs a monitor for her baby that is due in the fall!

    Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  30. I wandered onto your blog today and I’m so excited to enter your giveaway. How fun! It would be a great thing to have with our 3rd baby on the way.

  31. I would love it for my daughter who doesn’t have one but has a little baby..! Thanks!

  32. We do not have a monitor yet..our little one is in a bassinet in our room. But next month he will be in his own room and we will be needing a baby monitor.

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  35. I would love this for much needed peace of mind…it’s scary to leave babies alone in a room nowadays 🙁

  36. My daughter sleep walks sometimes, so this monitor would be perfect to check in on her to make sure she’s safe, without waking her up by opening her door.

  37. I want to win this as my 2 year old and our new baby will soon be sharing a room, and this would be a great way to keep an eye on them and also ensure my 2 year old is behaving!

  38. I have to admit… I never saw much use in a video monitor, expecting they were just for anxious parents who wanted to make sure their baby was still breathing. I can’t say I have ever given it much more thought! Now I can see the value in being able to see without opening the door (especially with a noisy door!). The ability to check if baby is sleeping yet, without the risk of getting them wound up again. I am currently caring for my 4th beautiful baby, who is almost six weeks. With three other kids I am busy, and tight on funds, and would love to win this monitor to help me keep tabs on baby while living the busy hands on life of a homeschool mom.

  39. I would love to win this because nearly 16 years ago I lost a little boy when he was 4 months old to SIDS. Now I have a 4 year old and a 5 week old baby. This monitor would put me so much more at ease when I’m not in the room with my baby.

  40. I also didn’t have a video monitor with my first but definitely see the need for it now with my 2nd on the way. Plus, I like the idea of having a video monitor in my 1st child’s room when she has friend’s over to play so I don’t have to run up and check on them all the time (they get to feel more independent and I have my fears quelled). 🙂

  41. I would love to win this monitor because it will give me so much peace of mind after my baby is born this fall 🙂

  42. I know someone who is going to be a first time mommy and I want to be able to give her something great like this!

  43. I would love to win this amazing baby monitor for my cousin who just had a baby boy two weeks ago!

  44. My brother and his wife are having a baby this December and this would be a wonderful gift!

  45. would love to win this! even though I am on my fourth baby , it would be great , have always just used the sound one but this would be so much better! especially because for some reason this baby cries a lot in his sleep ! and would love to see him to make sure he is ok …..(with out running up stairs all the time which makes him wake up! )

  46. I’m slow with these things and hope that i’m entering correctly! :p My husband asked me to register for one of these at our baby shower and i didnt and feel awful bc he can’t hear out of his left ear and says he can’t hear the monitor we have! I’m so mean I wish I would’ve thought about thay before :p

  47. This would be great for my son. He is going to be moving up to a toddler bed and this would be a great way to monitor his progress

  48. We just started letting our son sleep in his own room and I would feel much better if I could keep an eye on him during the night.

  49. I signed up to receive a daily e-mail newsletter from Happy Deal – Happy Day (nurse_mommy(at)live(dot)com)

  50. It would be nice to have so I can be downstairs and not have to worry about my son being upstairs sleeping

  51. Id love to win this monitor because i have twin baby girls, it would be so nice to have a video monitor to keep an eye on them.

  52. We’ll be adopting this year sometime and I would LOVE to have one of these. My current monitor is about 8 years old and tends to pick up nearby truckers! 🙂

  53. because my cousin is a first time mom and this would help her feel comfortable leaving the baby asleep

  54. Baby Camera For Lorex…

    […] ths, then we will have a more permanent mounting of it on the wall (which it com […]…

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