A Long Way Off:  A Modern Day Prodigal Son Story | Christian Movie Review

A Long Way Off: A Modern Day Prodigal Son Story | Christian Movie Review

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A Long Way Off – Movie Review


Retelling the timeless parable of a father’s unconditional love, tempestuous young Jake tries to escape the duties of the family business by leaving his home and taking his dreams to the big city. Far from the wise words of his father, Abraham, Jake is finally free to live the high life that he’s always wanted, trading the traditional values of his upbringing to revel in every temptation that money can buy. Just when Jake thinks the world is his playground and every day offers another enticing opportunity, he must come face to face with the consequences of the life he’s chosen. Jake must learn that sometimes it takes losing everything to realize/appreciate what he left behind, and if his mistakes can ever outweigh the grace of a father’s forgiveness.
I liked this movie because of the believable modern day portrayal of a prodigal son.  It truly is amazing watching someone who messes up so bad, and hurts so many people, is still welcomed home and loved by his father.  Now while the overall modern day twist is believable, I wish the reunion scene was a bit more realistic, and a little less cheesy.  There is also a Christian girl in the movie who is friends with Jake.  Their friendship is a nice side story in this movie that I wish was developed more.  Overall though, in terms of family friendliness and sending home a good message – this movie has it!
This movie was released to video August 19th.  It stars Robert Davi from Die Hard, Jason Burkey from October Baby, Robert Amay from Courageous and several others.

You can see the trailer at http://alongwayoffthemovie.com/watch-the-trailer/

You can purchase this over at Amazon for $17.98.  Looks like it won’t be shipped until November 11th.

Here is my favorite quote from A Long Way Off:

A Long Way Off Quote

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